Liza Minnelli Is Having None Of Your Sassmouth

THE SHOT – She may be 65-years-old, but don’t think that Liza Minnelli can’t hear the jokes you make about her behind her back. She knows you’re just afraid of her fierceness (or jealous of her boogie, as it were) and the lady is not amused—not one whit. She’s put on the black fur and leather for a LOVE shoot with photog Terry Richardson, just so you know who is boss. Now shut up and behold her terrible magnificence, you star-sucking lackey. Oh yes… you love it.

Via OMG Blog

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  • Jim

    I loved her character on Arrested Development. I’m too young to remember her other stuff.

  • Z-z

    THE BITCH IS BLACK seems to be very undescent title. It would be nice to change it.
    Anyway I love Liza.

  • bobp

    @Jim: I hope you are not serious. Seriously.

  • m

    The bitch is black seems fitting for a picture of Liza Minnelli in BLACK FUR and BLACK LEATHER! I mean, really. Regardless, she hasn’t looked this fierce since before Halston died so I give her and Terry Richardson mad cred. This bitch is epic and deserves to always look this fierce in the media!

  • Lantony

    LOL I thought that was LADY GAGA!

  • Chris

    I didn’t realize that Liza is only 65. For most of my life, I’ve only seen pictures of her that implied that she was frail. In contrast to Cher or Tina Turner, who are around her age, they’ve always projected strength and energy.

  • OneVoice

    DANIEL VILLARREAL is not able to write anything that does not seem to be at a first grade intellectual level. Seriously, DANIEL VILLARREAL, how is it that you are even employable?

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