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Liza Minnelli Only Semi-Aware of the Crap She’s Hawking on HSN

While one caller was thrilled to speak to Liza Minnelli during her HSN “performance,” and Liza was thrilled to speak with her, nobody was as thrilled as viewers who accidentally found themselves watching a stage legend discuss her failing body.

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  • Who Cares

    A new low for Ms Minelli….who would have thought…

  • MyGayRant

    How about two, three, four, or five?
    Liza: “What”
    Liza: “No, one will do”

    hahaha, product pushing at its best :)

  • Guy

    Poor thing. She sounds sloshed. She needs help a lot more than she needs all that gushing and patronizing. Time for Home Shopping Network’s “Celebrity Intervention” program.

  • slobone

    I love “you’ve just come from so much diversity, and you’ve overcome it”…

  • Tony

    oh i’m so sad….I love Liza…..thought she’d conquered the alcohol….survey question to all: is she drunk here? everyone give their thought….

  • Acorn

    I hate slow news days.

  • jeffree

    She sounds kinda mentally altered here. Jet lag? Insomnia? I want to give her the benefit of the doubt, but………..

  • Dan

    Her slurred pronunciation suggests that she may have had a stroke.

  • Sam

    She has “wet brain”. An altered mental state due to excessive alcohol abuse. She’s pickled her brain.

  • Sexy Rexy

    Gawd, she’s BOMBED!!!!!!! ROFL!!!!

  • Mark Lowry

    Oh my God, OMG OMG OMFG !! Now THAT is reality TV, folks.

    To see Ms. Minelli as unravelled as she appeared to be on this infomercial reminds me of the talent that she once had that is now most likely gone. She seems unaware of life in general, and has all the markings of a defeated abuser. Drugs, alcohol, and history. Why doesn’t she have people around her to keep her in check? She’s never been as ‘gone’ as on this infomercial, but I know she’s not a complete goner. She needs to consult with a therapist daily for months, IF she wants to join the world again.

  • Paul

    She has been slowly losing her grip on reality for years. It is sad to see her decline in public in such a tragic way. It is a shame that she doesn’t have anyone holding her back from making such a public spectacle as it is on HSN. HSN should not have allowed her on the air in this condition. Sort of shows where HSN is focused. Dollars before human dignity.

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