Liza Minnelli Thinks Cher Is Bigger

In an upcoming Newsweek interview Liza Minnelli says she isn’t sure how she obtained gay icon status, but perhaps it has something to do with her, shall we say, unconventional looks:

“I think probably Barbra (Streisand) and maybe even Cher and myself in school felt like outcasts because we didn’t have standard looks…Maybe what a gay icon is, is a person who is rooted for – in other words, cheered on – by people who feel different.”

seminnelli.jpegWell gosh, perhaps it also has something to do with her domination of 1970’s musical theater in gay-themed shows Cabaret and Chicago (if you haven’t rented Cabaret yet, you must), her short-but-amicable marriage to super-gay Peter Allen, her raging drug habit fueled by regular appearances at Studio 54, and her disasterous marriage to gross Botox posterboy David Gest. And wasn’t she the daughter of Judy Garland, or someone like that?…

She also says in a contest between herself, Cher and Streisand to determine who’s the No. 1 gay icon, Cher would win. We say it’s all a wash.

Liza Minnelli Loves Her Gay Fans [MSNBC]