No Surprises

Local Male Escorts Raked In Serious Bank At The Republican National Convention


“Business has been way better. I’ve seen 10 clients so far.”

That’s one of several male escorts interviewed by The New York Post, who talked with gentlemen sex workers based in Cleveland, Ohio.

All of them were doing big business during the Republication National Convention, scoring appointments left and right with attendees visiting from out of town, almost all of whom were married.

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“Most of them were first-timers,” he told the paper. “You could tell they were nervous, but once they became more comfortable, they seemed to be having a good time.”

One escort estimates he made about $1,600 since Monday, which he says is more than six times the amount he usually rakes in.

“I normally only make $200 to $300, but I’ve been seeing lots of guys in hotels downtown.”

According to another escort — who had already seen eight johns by Thursday — most were married white men in their 40s and 50s: “One of them was from Texas and visiting for the convention. He said he was a politician.”

One of  the sex workers they spoke with — whose going rate is $250 an hour — claims he made about $800 per day since the convention began. All his clients were visitors from Florida, Louisiana and Washington, DC.

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“Usually I need to go out of town,” he laughs.

And while almost all of the men wanted to have sex, he says one client wanted to “do his business in the corner” while ogling his wife in bed with him.

One rentboy said none of this surprised him, despite al these politicians being openly against same-sex marriage.

“When it comes to anything people aren’t supposed to be doing, they like to do it,” he said. “The Republicans have a lot of delegates in the closet, let’s put it that way.”

Alas, female prostitutes didn’t fare half as well. In fact, they saw a noticeable dip in business.

“Has business been better for me? Honestly, no,” one woman snapped before hanging up the phone.

Another told The Post that “business is slower than usual. I haven’t been getting any calls.”

Guess it pays to know your audience.

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