Local New Jersey Mayor Michael Reina Brushes Off Gay Slur Allegation As Trivial Matter

Mayor Michael Reina, of Jackson, New Jersey, has managed to make enemies with the one group a mayor should never made enemies with: the local cops. How’d he manage that? By throwing around the word “homo.”

On Sept. 30 Rein was speaking with Sgt. Steven Laskiewicz, relays APP.

The report says Laskiewicz commented to Reina that he (Reina) was a hero for drawing criticism away from Gov. Chris Christie after the mayor complained about the media coverage he (Reina) had been receiving about taking a $78,000-a-year job in the state Transportation Department. Reina forfeited his mayoral salary in taking the job.

“At least I’m not a homo,” Reina said in response, according to the report. The report states that one of the officers in the area of the conversation is gay. Reina, a Republican, said he was not aware of the report or investigation.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Reina said Wednesday when informed about the report. “This is the first I’ve heard about it.” However, Reina denied the allegation made by the officers. “The next thing you know someone will claim I stole candy from someone on Halloween,” Reina said.

Except not just any “someone” is making the claim. The bias report, which has been sent on to New Jersey’s Department of Law and Public Safety, lists Laskiewicz and Detective Scott Conover as witnesses, and is undersigned by another detective.

And even if there wasn’t a gay cop within earshot of the mayor’s alleged remark, the situation should be treated the same.