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Local News Finds Trans Pittsburgh Prostitutes To Be Hilarious He-She Freaks

As we know from, uh, being responsible human begins — and reading the stunning but not surprising results from NGLTF’s report — the prejudices and hardships faced by transgender Americans are plentiful. With many states offering few workplace protections for trans employees, the report found trans people are disproportionately more likely to find careers as sex workers to support themselves, their families, and their medical bills. So isn’t it hilarious that Pittsburgh’s WPXI found out about a police sting on trans call girls. They look like women, but they’re dressed as men! CAN YOU BELIEVE?!

There are so many problems with their news report I don’t even know where to start. But how about the man-on-the-street portion of the segment, where they ask local passersby if they can believe their looking at pictures of women born as men. Look at all the non-cis lady freaks everybody! They “have girl names, but police say both are men. … These are men, but people I talked to in the Strip District [were] speechless.”

Say what you will about the usefulness of police sting operations on local sex workers using sites like Backpage (and, until recently Craigslist) to peddle their wares, but there’s a difference between reporting on a prostitution bust and a news program effectively laughing at trans women for being trans.

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  • sweetbrandigirl2004

    I have absolutely zero sympathy for these two fetish freaks they want to play dress up and have sex to fulfill their sexual fantasy. and they got exactly what they desired. They aren’t GID diagnosed Transsexuals and are part of the Transgender Hoard.

  • Tori

    @sweetbrandigirl2004: Do you know them? In a lot of places trans women have no other options as far jobs go. Trans people are fired and kicked out everyday is it any wonder that these two are prostitutes?

  • DC Steve

    @Sweetbrandigirl: now you’ve got me worried, do I need to go to a doctor and get diagnosed as homosexual to be legit? I mean, there’s a good chance I’m part of the Queer Hoard, just based on the websites I visit, I guess to be safe I better get a doctor’s note that says it’s okay for me to enjoy sucking cock.

  • kayla

    Trans people of color have it worst of all, because they usually come from low income backgrounds, with no access to the treatments they need and usually have to resort to going to unlicensed hacks, who will give them hormones at a lower price. These hormones treatments may or may not be safe. They do not have access to the psychological help they need and many of them are pariahs in their neighborhoods…their lives are hell!!

  • Shannon1981

    @DC Steve: Let me know when you make your appointment, we’ll go together. The doc can tell me if its ok to eat pussy and like it too.

  • JAW


    your words were a bit harsh and bitter. But I agree… if the ad mentioned that they were Trans, the john would have known what to expect.

    Trans people do have a hard life and need our understanding. I do not believe that someone with all male parts, that has not done any medical procedures and/or medication should pose as a woman, without a disclaimer.

  • Shannon1981

    Kayla is right, and I hate that the media is being like this to trans people. It is often the ONLY work they can find, with no protection against being fired.

  • Michael Jays

    To do otherwise is the same as rape as far as I’m concerned.

  • missanthrope


    I have know sympathy for entitled bigoted trans folk who piss on their trans sisters so they can legitimize themselves. Go eat shit

  • laughriotgirl

    “…there’s a difference between reporting … and a news program effectively laughing at trans women for being trans.”

    There is, but Queerty hasn’t been able to figure out the difference in how many years? Of all the “big gay blogs” this is the absolute worst when it comes to reporting on trans issues. Take the link to the recently released Trans survey results…

    An important survey about pervasive discrimination against GLBs in the Army or at a fast food place or in the parking lot of the local grocery story would have warranted its own article. Instead we have a link to the study in an article about a trans sex worker bust.

    The link doesn’t cite the other trans-specific organization who conducted the study, just the NGLTF. It’s no wonder trans people have no reason to view the writers or even most of the people who comment here as allies – much less members of the same movement.

  • deferr

    what are human begins?

  • Shannon1981

    @sweetbrandigirl2004: HBS trolling again, I see. Why is it up to you to decide who is a true transsexual and who is not?

  • Kev C

    Reporter Vince Sims did a lot of undercover research for this story.

  • Alex

    Fuck all the privileged gay men with memory loss and a shitty knowledge of history.

  • j

    @Alex: This.

  • Cindi Edwards

    fuck me dead these are human beings, have you not been paying attention. Transgender is Real and transgender people are not given the freedoms which are individuals take for granted. This is nothing more the an American style transgender witch hunt. Shame on you people.

    Disgusting ignorant mob mentality tha could onlt exist in the states, I yall using condoms. Please dont spawn for love of god.

  • JAW

    @Cindi Edwards:

    What the hell are you trying to say???
    You make no sense at all…

  • sweetbrandigirl2004

    @DC Steve: Did I mention being gay ? NO so stop trying to twist my words…sexual orientation and gender Identity are totally different things…..With these two and all the other transgender wannabes like them it’s not even a matter of gender Identity it’s a matter of plain and simple perversion and sexual escapism…..ONLY true diagnosed HBS Transsexuals can claim Gender Identity.

  • laughriotgirl

    @sweetbrandigirl2004: And you dismiss that they could be “true diagnosed HBS Transsexuals” because they are doing sex work?

  • sweetbrandigirl2004

    Because of the misconceptions created by the Transgender Hoard many fail to realize that by APA standards, you have failed transition by transitioning to trans something rather than woman. Some of us knew from the get go we were meant to have female bodies and grow to be women. Professional trans are considered failures by the top level folks that made up the DSM team and advisors and will not be considered “cured” by the new standards. I have no problem with the transgender hoard being whoever or whatever they choose to be,but don’t try and highjack a diagnosis that doesn’t include them just so they can vilify how they choose to live their lives or to try to gain rights off the gust of gender Identity. They are more then welcome to be professional trans if they so choose. I have a huge problem with anyone representing women such as my self as having anything in common with or being clowns like Sandeen and Helms and company.

    Transsexuality is pretty much proven as much as anything in biology gets proved, to be a neurological pre-natal form of intersexuality. You either are or you are not and ONLY a trained counselor can diagnosis. If you are, you will move heaven and earth to put mind and body in congruence, this is called the Dysphoric Imperative which is the cause of what used to be called GID crisis. Anyone who advocates for the transgender hoard is doing a huge disservice to future women born with this condition by contribution to it’s apparent erasure in the eyes of the general public which has been the goal of the transgender dogma for the past 15 years. TGs have left zero room for mutual respect here as you know

  • laughriotgirl

    @sweetbrandigirl2004: And your skipping record has exactly what to do with the article, or your initial comment?

    I think half-cracked brick-faced HBS 80’s retreads do more to harm the acceptance of trans women and women of operative history than a brothel full of trans sex workers and all the guys with a thing for their wives panties put together.

  • JamieNicole

    The point isn’t right or wrong, good trans or bad trans. Evidently these people lived and worked as female…in that description (though I’m not wild about it) they more or less slip into the title of Transgender not Transvestite as reported by the jerk on WPXI’ mistake #1

    The second mistake was in this ass of a reporter trying to provoke hatred and negativity toward the trans community by advertently pushing this person he’s interviewing into a negative reaction. Kudos for this guy on the street for sticking to his guns and not commenting! Then when the jerk unsuccessfully draws negativity from the man, makes this asinine clam that the guy being interviewed was speechless. “F” this reporter Vince Sims, his ass should be fired!

    Screw WPXI…it’s way off in putting a twist like this on a story. A couple prostitutes being busted wasn’t even news worthy without the trans tidbit and surly would at best, only got a 10 second blurb without it. And screw these people who got busted for once again, shedding a negative light on the trans community. Life is hard enough already for us.

    Just my 2 cents..Here’s WPXI’s addy for anyone who cares: [email protected]

  • Suzanne

    What does this freak show have to do with gay and lesbian people. These 2 hookers identify as straight women. The fact that they have a penis, as they would be quick to tell us, does not make them men and so their having sex with men does not make them gay.

    Since they are straight women, let heteros take responsibility for them. Gay people have enough on our plate than to start crusading for crossdressing TG hookers.

    The LGBT crowd is sending our movement off on ridiculous tangents and it is destroying our progress. We lost ENDA this year b/c we were forced to risk everything over the bizarre issue of where a small number trannies can make poo and go wee-wee. 2010 was our best chance for passage after 37 years of struggle for this law.

    Now that the GOP has taken the House, there is no chance for passage in the near future. For years to come, hundreds of thousands of gays and lesbians will go without federal civil rights in employment b/c of our destructive loyalty to the false concept of LGBT.

  • Francis

    Sad that things like this are even possible in 2011. There needs to be immediate action taken against this news station.

    Also, is it alright to be totally confused by what sweetbrandigirl2004 is saying?

  • laughriotgirl

    @Francis: Aside from the lack of sentence structure, useful punctuation, and general nonsense – sweetbrandigirl2004 makes complete sense (in a half-cracked need to prove her legitimacy on the backs of other people kinda way).

    As far as the news station – complaint logged by me. Unfortunately, Pittsburgh has a history of generally being crap regarding trans women.

  • Droplette

    It’s spelled “horde,” not “hoard.” I won’t bother to comment on the judgmental and stupid things you said since others already have.

  • missanthrope


    Laughriotgirl, you’ve must have missed the memo, all true HBS transsexuals are middle class and white. That’s how they can get away with classism, racism and homophobia without question. The Dysphoric Imperative excuses them from that. It also excuses them from anything like empathy or altruism for anybody but middle class and white transsexuals.


  • JAW


    If a person advertises something for sale, but does not deliver the goods as advertised, That is False advertising.

    These sex workers advertised as female, which the customer would expect that they would arrive with female plumbing. The sex workers should also be charged with False advertising.

    I do understand the tough life that many Trans people are forced into. But they also need to work at being more honest also.

    Last fall in Philadelphia a Trans sex worker was charged with killing a man in his hotel room. We will never learn from the man if he was upset when the person he expected to be seeing showed up with male plumbing, causing the fight to lead to his murder.

    I found nothing wrong with the report. The sex workers need to begin Truth in advertising.

  • Marlene


    I want you to listen and listen good, bitch…

    I *AM* transgendered, and not you or your whole cabal of assimilationist c*nts can claim you and your kind are the sole arbiters of who is and isn’t trans! You sound to me like those Second Wavers, still claiming that people like you and I are using our so-called “male privilege” to undermine feminism!

    Sorry I’m not selling myself on the street to afford the hormones and surgeries I want and need to make my life whole. I’m sorry I didn’t hide in the fucking closet for 30 years, living and working as a high-powered male executive, administrator, or academic until I could afford the therapies I want. I’m sorry I don’t live in a city where I can have access to said therapies for low-income people. I’m sorry I don’t live my live like some freaking Stepford Wife just so privileged bitches like you can live in your fantasy world of sunshine and rainbows!

    I’m like the majority of the transfolk in this country — on the bottom of the economic scale, busting my ass in minimum-wage, no benefit jobs my entire life! I haven’t worked in *four years* due to the hate and prejudiced I’ve faced — all because I don’t live up to some asshole’s standard of femininity and looks.

    I’m sorry I don’t look like Lea T, or Carolyn Cossey, or Andrea James or Calpunia Addams just so you can point and proclaim, “See? We’re all pretty and successful! anyone who can’t live up to that beauty can’t *really* be transsexual — ugly and colored people *can’t be transsexual!”

    So screw you and the rest of you assimilationist jerks. Some bastard with a 2×4 or a gun won’t care if you pass or not, or are living in stealth. To them, you’re just another “freak”, and all your privilege and position won’t help you!

    Ask the family of Angie Zapata, or Gwen Araujo, or Rita Hester, or Tyra Hunter or the thousands of other passable transwomen who were killed because of some bastard’s prejudice towards us.

  • JamieN.D.

    I follow you and understand your point, it’s very true! If your in any type of relationship.. and you find that at some point your sexual parts will be involved.. and these parts are for some reason, a concern (for any reason!).. you better be up-front right away! Nothing good can come from that type of secret. Most will see it as being deceptive and enough people have already died over this type of cover-up.

    The activity was an illegal activity…it already had an improper shadow… “False” advertising can be and typicality is apart of it just the same as any legal dealings. The consequence for doing it however won’t happen through the judicial system but through street justice. A far worse punishment. So in a way, it turned out good for these two.

    WPXI was trying to put a Jerry Springer type spin on the report and the producers were allowing this to happen by making it into a “big news story”.. and it truly wasn’t. I feel the reporter was opinionated (most are), slanderous and misusing terminology in a negative way, which in itself is false. He should be reprehended… but evidently, this station likes this type of forum. It’s why I don’t watch their news cast. Have a great day all!

  • Cynthialee

    I have run into Sweet Brandy in anouther place. She is elieteist and one of those who seem to think that transsexual women only come from the privilaged class. (yes I said it about you Brandy. You are a myopic asshat.)
    Only those weomen who have jumped throught the same hoops as she has in the way she has are truely trans women. Anyone else is just a fetishist.

    Personaly I could care less if a woman is cis, trans or just a fetish freak. What does it matter Brandy? We got our transitions out of the way. Why does it matter if someone is in it for a sexual thrill? It is literaly no imposition on you and it doesn’t stop a single woman from getting her transition related medical services.

  • JamieN.D.

    Your also right-on… I had a very successful business that allowed people (my clients) to freely make judgment on me. Though I’m very good at what I do, the people who used my service were openly judged by their friends and family and I live in a…well, not-so welcoming backwards community.. sadly, most dismissed me. Not right! That business end kinda failed but not entirely, I just had to work a little harder. Today I’m redirecting it toward the LGBT community! But your absolutely right, the truth is out there… the trans community is still evolving in the real world and there is a lot of injustice being dealt out to them. Most (like myself) have taken major downslides in life for no good reason!

    I’m not fully adjusted in the way of SRS… the main reason is my priorities.. I have a family to think about first and with the extravagant cost, is not justifiable at this point..may never be. That doesn’t by any definition make me less of whom I am. I live full time and do what I can to be me!… much like it appeared the girls in the story were doing and you don’t have to be trans to make the decisions they made. Even the rich make bad choices in life but I guess it all in how you look at it?

    Love yourself for who you are and be safe all..x x x

  • Dana Lane

    @sweetbrandigirl2004: The Transgender Borg. But i will not be assimilated.

  • badluckshadow

    @laughriotgirl: Not all of us, but there’s jackasses everywhere, everywhere.
    For what it’s worth I do intend on emailing WPXI, not that I’m expecting much response V.V

  • Dyssonance


    way to use the gay panic defense there, buddy. FYATHYRIO

  • laughriotgirl


    While I have never been in sex work, I have had dates that ended in violence. I honestly don’t know a single trans women who dates men who hasn’t had a date take a violent or potentially violent turn. 100% of the time, the guys KNEW what was going on from the start.

    I’ve been in some situations where I assumed the guys knew, but they didn’t. NONE of those guys freaked out and got violent – zero. Some of the guys continued on, some politely disengaged. This same observation has been made by other trans women. The myth of deceptive trans women bring it on themselves is just a myth – a calculated myth to draw attention away from the people who actually committed a crime.

  • JAW


    I have never used the service of a sex worker either. In a neighborhood near me, the ladies looking to earn a quick 20 do Not advertise that they have male plumbing. They say that if most of the Johns knew they would go running and they would lose business. You seem to have better luck that many of the others. Perhaps it is due to your outlook and good attitude.

    Reading post #31 from Marlene, I see a person in big pain. Perhaps a bigger reason that she has not worked for a few years is her poor attitude, and not that she is Trans.

  • Marlene

    Oh JAW… you once again assume without knowing *nothing* about me!

    You haven’t seen the looks of the hundreds of people who interviewed me, the second they saw me walk in the door. It’s like watching a literal steel door come down over their face.

    You haven’t heard the bullshit excuses I get from these managers as to why I didn’t get the job, or why I never got a raise or any advancement.

    You haven’t seen me get ignored by wait staff when I go to local restaurants.

    You haven’t heard of the tales my trans friends tell me over the harassment they get in the toilet.

    Just remember, dearie… never assume because it makes an ASS out of you and me.

  • laughriotgirl

    @Suzanne: And yet, every single act of GLB legislation ever passed in the US used trans unemployment and violence statistics – ALL of them.

    Here is an exercise for you Suzanne. Try to get gay only laws passed without inflating your numbers with trans people. This would, unfortunately, mean you’d have to get rid of all the existing job protection laws and start over. It would mean you’d have to contend with some interesting facts like GLB people are more likely than the median to be college educated, more likely to have above median incomes, more likely to have two incomes, and less likely to have minor children in their care than average.

    I’m not opposed to a split with the GLB and the T and I’m beyond sick and tired of GLB people using trans women as evidence of anti-gay discrimination and then wondering why trans people are part of the movement.

    Also, you really have no idea if the women in the story identify as “straight” or “bi” or even “Lesbian”. There are a large number of trans and cis lesbians who do sex work with male clients.

  • missanthrope


    “The LGBT crowd is sending our movement off on ridiculous tangents and it is destroying our progress. We lost ENDA this year b/c we were forced to risk everything over the bizarre issue of where a small number trannies can make poo and go wee-wee. 2010 was our best chance for passage after 37 years of struggle for this law. ”

    That’s factually incorrect, ENDA didn’t even get close to being in committee this year because national gay activists in Washington decided DADT was a priority and the Obama Administration decided we only needed to be thrown one bone this election cycle. Stop making things up, if you’re going to make sweeping generalizations, at least get your facts straight.

    If you were really interested in what really blew up ENDA this year and not just interested in bashing trans folk, you’d be blaming gay soldiers and Gay Inc.

    But no, any excuse to bash the trans folk seem to do for you

  • JAW


    I did not assume anything. I read your post and saw the foul language and rage in it. I am using that as my guide, as well as your post directed at me.

    I have interviewed and hired hundreds of people in my job. I have hired people of all orientations, colors religions. as well as people with disabilities that others would not hire.

    Yes I have hired trans people. Most of the jobs were just above entry level, and not minimum wage.

    When I hire people, I have always looked for people that I believe will fit in, not stand out. I look to build a Team, so being a part of the team is important.

    If, as you said:
    “You haven’t seen the looks of the hundreds of people who interviewed me, the second they saw me walk in the door. It’s like watching a literal steel door come down over their face.”

    It sounds like you are not trying to fit in, but you are looking to stand out.

    I understand that being a Trans woman is very difficult. I also understand that many Trans women do fit in,,, including some that are 6’2″ or more.

    Perhaps if you tried a bit harder to fit in and not stand out, you may not get as many of the looks that you have been getting.

    I wish You luck in the future.

  • Marlene

    Once again, here’s more assimilationist bullshit from JAW…. “fit in or I won’t hire you.”

    Let me tell you sweet cheeks — when I arrived for an interview, I was NOT dressed like some fucking drag queen with neon blue eye shadow, big hair, and 6″ heels! I dressed in a jacket, tasteful blouse, a knee-high skirt, hose and low heels. My makeup was subdued, my nails looked professionally done, and I wasn’t overly sprayed with perfume.

    You can keep your sanctimonious platitudes, and shove them where the sun don’t shine. I don’t want your pity, and I certainly don’t want your condescension. It’s attitudes like yours that keep transfolk on the streets selling themselves, because they don’t measure up to your haughty standards.

    You’re damn right I’m angry, sunshine! You have a door slammed in your face as many times as *I* have, and you either keep fighting, or you put a permanent end to the pain and suffering from the hands of assholes like you!

  • JAW


    I am not trying to be disrespectful.

    The only point I was trying to find out, as you stated, what about you makes all these people turn there heads and go blank.

    I have hired trans women, that I did not realize they were until later. I am not transphobic.

    I do under stand that many, if not most, of the doors do get closed to trans people. Perhaps the tone you are using with me and others on here, comes across in your interviews.

  • Suzanne

    @Laughingriotgirl: What nonsense. I highly doubt that the Wisconsin gay rights law of 1982 or the one in St. Paul or Troy, NY in the early 1970s, to take but a few examples, were passed b/c gay activists prepared statistical reports that were puffed up by including transsexuals. I doubt there were any statistics on transgendereds at that time. For many of the 100+ laws governing cities and municipalities, it is highly unlikely that there would be any statistics presented and considered at all.

    Now later on, after the foul concept of LGBT was concocted and foisted on us, it may be that the newly labeled “LGBT” activists did lump your stats in with ours. They shouldn’t have. We should take all of those statistics out, not as an exercise, but as a matter of policy. It won’t make a whit of difference b/c, contrary to your belief, civil rights protections can and do extend to groups that enjoy lower unemployment and higher wages than the population at large.

    It may not have crossed your mind that Jewish-American households and Japanese-American households, to take 2 examples, have higher income, more advanced degrees, greater net worth, and lower unemployment than the population at large. Both groups are protected by the Civil Rights Act and all state and local civil rights laws, and they will continue to be protected no matter how well or how poorly they fare economically. The protection is there b/c the discrimination is irrational and wrong and should be prevented, not to correct a statistical imbalance.

    @Missanthrope: Sorry, but you are wrong. It was entirely possible to do both. ENDA was being marked up by committee staff when it was pulled. Barney Frank said very bluntly that there was no hang-up on any aspect of the sexual orientation provisions. All of the hang-up was on trannie issues, particularly if it is wise to let employers face federal lawsuits because an employee who appears to be male but claims to identify as female isn’t allowed to go poo in the ladies room.

    Frank said very clearly that the gender identity provisions raised a lot of new issues that had not been considered in hearings and that the Congress simply would not pass them without considering them more carefully. As you know, Frank supported the “inclusive” bill. But he was being honest about the reality in Congress and urged our groups to take the sexual orientation protections, for which we had been fighting for 40 years.

    The gay leaders, cowed by tranny bullying tactics, stupidly chose to let obedience to “LGBT” trump morality and common sense. All or nothing, they told Barney Frank. And, as Frank promised, we got nothing. Which is generally what gay people get out of LGBT.

  • sweetbrandigirl2004

    @Suzanne: Wow You hit the nail right on the head with your interpretation of why ENDA failed….I couldn’t agree with you more. Your completing right that the “T” get ignored and I feel that’s for several reasons 1) The “T” has lost it’s meaning in the last 15yrs since Virginia Prince (who by the way was a shemale who hated the …Transsexual community and had been turned down several times by multiple therapist as NOT having GID) coined the term Transgender and to cover crossdressers ,transvestites, shemale ie: people who transition short of Genitalia surgery. It once stood for Transsexual then it got co-opted by those mentioned above and having no legitimate reason for their behavior they choose to again latched onto the term GID as it gave them the only way to vilify their lives and how they live them. They are now trying to ride the diagnosis all the way to equality, but they know they are to few to make enough noise to be taken seriously therefore they need the help of the every expanding Gay& Lesbian community.
    2) The LGB doesn’t understand the who, what or how about anyone in the Transgender community and that’s because they (the Transgender community) have rolled so many gender variations of do whatever you wants under the “T”. It’s very hard for anyone in the Gay & Lesbian community to get a grasp on whats right or whats wrong to say or do or on how to help. 3) Think how much easier it would be for not only Gays & Lesbians to gain right but also the True Transsexual community if they cut the wannabes loose. and we reversed the trend in society to were the “T” once again stood for Transsexual and people had a clear definition of what that is. Think how much easier it is for the politicians in Washington to cast a vote for someone with a documented legitimate medical condition, one that can be cured and returns people back into society fitting into one of the two given genders.
    I For one feel that if the “T” can’t be returned to mean Transsexual it would be in the Gay & Lesbian communities et interest to drop the “T” it’s only holding them back, it’s taken 40 long years just to get to the point society is now with accepting Gay rights if the “T” is to remain it will take at least another 40years to e equally accepted how many Gays & Lesbians are willing to wait or live out the rest of their lives without rights they could have had if they had push their community to drop the “T” ?

  • Tori

    @Suzanne: Do you forget that “trannies” started this fight 40 years ago? It’s always funny to hear some gay people try to close the door of civil rights behind them.

  • laughriotgirl

    @Suzanne: “I highly doubt that the Wisconsin gay rights law of 1982 or the one in St. Paul or Troy, NY in the early 1970s, to take but a few examples, were passed b/c gay activists prepared statistical reports that were puffed up by including transsexuals.”

    WI activists specifically used examples of trans women who could not obtain housing and who had been denied employment because they were “feminine men”. Until the mid 90’s trans people were simply counted as “gay men” and “lesbians” by the state and local LBG anti-violence and job protection activists. These statistics were used in every single attempt to get both hate crimes laws and ENDAs passed at the national level. Hell, the groups working on allowing gays to serve openly in the military used PFC Barry Winchell as some sort of example of anti-gay violence.

    Funny how 30-40 years ago state and local legislators in 47 states were able to pass laws to allow trans people to change our birth records. Then our movement got conflated with gay men and lesbians and all that legal and social progress stopped. No trans-specific legislation has been passed since trans women jump started your movement for you.

    You have and continue to use our dead and our unemployed as examples of gay discrimination. You have and you continue to use the completely mythical specter of “men in the ladies’ room” to divert attention away from gay men having actual sex with each other in the men’s room. You have and continue to use trans people to get sympathy from the general population for a group that largely exists with economic and social privileges.

  • JamieN.D.

    Wow, glade things calmed down on this topic. I’m new to the site and it rather saddened me to see such a tangent of discontent and hatred being distributed back and forth. Most of us only have on average, about 20,000 more days (many less) to live here on earth. Seems like a waist of precious time to get so far off the actual topic, an important subject to all of us.. gay, trans or whatever! No one has a perfect life, everyone’s hardships are different but we do all have one thing in common..our ability to love. Think if we want to make a difference for our children, it starts with education and love.

    FYI, I sent a letter to WPXI about the news story…as on 2/9, I’ve received no reply… Probably never will but my voice was heard and that seemed like the right thing to do? Would have been nice to 50 negative comments to them instead of here. Anywho, here’s the email addy again for all who might like it. [email protected]

    Look out for one another & Have a nice hump day everyone.. :o)

  • Suzanne

    @laughriotgirl: Well, you have no response to my point about 100+ local ordinances so I take it I win on that point and thus have disproved your claim that every single gay rights law was passed on the basis of trans discrimination stats. As for WI, I doubt that you have any proof of your claim about what, if any, data WI activists presented to the WI legislature 30 years ago. But if you do, and if it shows what you say that it shows, I will accept that you are right on that point. I agree with you that such data should not be included unless it relates to sexual orientation discrimination. And frankly, there are plenty of that; we don’t need to puff up the data by including trans cases.

    As for Winchell, that actually would be a case of anti-gay violence b/c he was perceived by his killer to be gay, even though Winchell was actually a straight man who was attracted to a trans female. As is always the case in hate crimes, the actual status of the victim isn’t what determines whether it was a hate crime; it is the intent of the perpetrator. (For example, consider the recent case of two Ecuadorean straight brothers who were attacked b/c they were holding hands and were mistaken for gay.)

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