media fail

Local News Finds Trans Pittsburgh Prostitutes To Be Hilarious He-She Freaks

As we know from, uh, being responsible human begins — and reading the stunning but not surprising results from NGLTF’s report — the prejudices and hardships faced by transgender Americans are plentiful. With many states offering few workplace protections for trans employees, the report found trans people are disproportionately more likely to find careers as sex workers to support themselves, their families, and their medical bills. So isn’t it hilarious that Pittsburgh’s WPXI found out about a police sting on trans call girls. They look like women, but they’re dressed as men! CAN YOU BELIEVE?!

There are so many problems with their news report I don’t even know where to start. But how about the man-on-the-street portion of the segment, where they ask local passersby if they can believe their looking at pictures of women born as men. Look at all the non-cis lady freaks everybody! They “have girl names, but police say both are men. … These are men, but people I talked to in the Strip District [were] speechless.”

Say what you will about the usefulness of police sting operations on local sex workers using sites like Backpage (and, until recently Craigslist) to peddle their wares, but there’s a difference between reporting on a prostitution bust and a news program effectively laughing at trans women for being trans.

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