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Local Reporter Jason Matheson Makes The Future Of Minnesota’s Bullying Problem Clear: More Dead Kids

“These kids are thrown to the wolves every day,” says FOX 9 Minneapolis’s Jason Matheson about the state’s student bullying epidemic that’s leaving suicides in its wake. Teased as a kid himself, Matheson knows first hand how “just awful” it is to be a young person taunted by your peers — and nobody, NOBODY, is stepping in to keep you safe. Tom Emmer might make fiscal conservatives happy, but as governor it’s clear he will only help perpetuate the nightmare LGBT kids (and straight ones branded queer) face every fucking day.

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  • Kev C

    Bullies stole my Gary Grownup hat. What do I do now?



    Tom Emmers decision to stoop down to the gutter to pander to the frightwing lunatics who have nothing but hatred for all things Gay. Not to back protections for any child simply because Gay kids are provided for in the measure shows what a bigoted hatefull lowlife scumbag he is.

    And based on almost every study it is almost a virtual guarantee at the very least one of his own kids is Gay……..

  • Disgusted Gay American

    its either the one on his left sittin next to him..or one of the 2 bottom right…

  • Jeffree

    Clearly GLT or gender non-conforming youth do receive lots of bullying — no doubt — but the fat /weak/ too-smart/ poor/ ethnic kids also get bullied. Schools which enact and enf.orce a zero-toler.ance policy and involve parents seem to perform the best, based on personal experience and studies I’ve looked at.

    Minnesota sure doesn’t look too good to outsiders right now.

  • UMB

    Considering just how liberal Minnesota is (we haven’t voted for a Republican for president since 1972), we sure have a lot of nutty Republicans in office here.

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