Lock It Up: The Surprising Reality Of Gay Virgins Who Wait For Marriage

chastSo let’s get this straight — in the following clip wherein gay virgins who choose to be chaste until marriage answer questions about their beliefs, the following exchange occurs:

A self-identifying Christian gay man is asked, “What if it doesn’t work out and you wind up ‘saving yourself’ for the complete wrong person?”

And he responds, “That’s why people like me save sex for marriage and not for ‘I kinda like you.’ The process of marriage goes a long way towards making sure we enter into a sexual commitment with a sound mind. OK, but what if it still doesn’t work out? Sure, that happens. Well then we’re really getting into the moral question of divorce…suffice it to say, there are some situations where I would probably seek remarriage.”

Like, oh, say building up sex as this weird virtuous rose petal only to have absolutely no sexual chemistry with your new husband?

The two interviewees seem like perfectly nice people, but whoa.

Watch the clip here: