Loehmann’s Trannie Settlement

Two days ago we relayed that New York’s Fox 5 News had reported that retail chain Loehmann’s settled the discrimination suit filed a transgender woman named Jane Galla (pictured). We didn’t have the link, so we put that freaky picture of a model with a hand coming out of her hair. Well, now we have a link, so here it is.

The discount chain will now allow trannies to use the dressing room of their choice. Of the resolution, Galla said:

I’m very happy that Loehmann’s has taken appropriate steps to ensure that transgender shoppers are treated with the same respect and dignity as everyone else.

Like all New Yorkers, I appreciate a good bargain, but the price is too high if I have to endure discrimination when I go shopping.

Unless, of course, there’s a really, really good sale.

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