Log Cabin Goes After “Mitt Flops”

The Log Cabin Republicans took another swipe at Mitt Romney.

The non-profit released a radio ad taking on Romney’s dubious political past and, of course, those queers came up with a clever hook: “Mitt Flops”.

Mitt Flops – sounds like something you’d wear to the beach, but they could cost you. Let’s see. Running for governor, Mitt Romney said he’d balance the budget without raising taxes. So what’d he really do? He raised taxes on some New Hampshire residents who worked in Massachusetts, taxing their income and their pensions.

Romney flack Kevin Madden blamed the attack on the gay group’s love for Rudy Giuliani. “This negative attack and gross distortion of the governor’s record was launched and paid for by a group recognized as having Mayor (Rudy) Giuliani as their ‘favorite’ candidate”. Madden’s statement, meanwhile, mirrors his earlier remarks about the Cabinites. At least someone in Romney’s campaign believes in consistency.