Log Cabin Head Clark Cooper’s Anti-Gay Pick for Virgina Congressman Wins GOP Primary

Today Virginia’s Republican voters selected Patrick Murray, the retired Army colonel and anti-gay marriage Iraq War vet who gay baited his way through a campaign, as their primary winner to face off in November against Democratic incumbent Rep. Jim Moran. By a narrow margin Murray defeats Patrick Berry, the gay attorney who outspent Murray 2-to-1. And you can thank R. Clarke Cooper, the new head of the Log Cabin Republicans, for ensuring Murray’s win.

On Murray’s campaign website, under his “Code of Ethics,” he writes, “I will not compromise my principles for any perceived gain,” and, “We will not knowingly distort the views or record of my opponent,” and, “I will treat my opponent according to the Golden Rule.” That Murray stuck to none of those promises says as much about the candidate (pictured) as it does about Cooper for vociferously supporting him.

And yes, this is the same R. Clark Cooper who, in his new LCR post, last month demanded the House pass the compromised DADT repeal bill, which it did. That is the same policy Murray used in campaign mailers to misinform voters about the position held by opponent Berry.

Well done, Log Cabin. You’ve helped a transparent gay-baiting liar make it one step further.