Log Cabin Keeps Chin Up

Like everyone else in America, the Log Cabin Republicans are gearing up for the next election. The lavender branch of the GOP held their annual convention this weekend to address ways to move the party forward. While most Republicans don’t endorse homosexuality, the Loggers insist that they must put their sexuality on hold and focus on the core issues.

President Patrick Sammon told the audience:

Our theme is how our party can get back to its unifying, core issues – limited government, getting spending under control, a strong defense and making the president’s tax cuts permanent…We lost the last election because independents voted for Democrats in a way that they hadn’t in prior elections. The way to get them back isn’t to focus on divisive social issues.

Another speaker – former Senator Alan Simpson, who recently came out against Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – urged members to stick with the traditionally homo-hating party, “Don’t be impatient. Stay in the party. Don’t leave, because you can change it.” We suppose miracles do happen, but most likely not before the next election.

Gay Republicans optimistic about ’08 [Washington Times]