Will Tony Perkins Revelation Doom Political Affair?

Log Cabin Gays Love Giuliani!

The gay Republicans go ga-ga over Rudy Giuliani. With their green, at least.

Using the super scientific technology of Huffington Post’s Fundrace, Thomas Edsall found that the majority of Log Cabin dough goes to Giuliani:

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani beats all his Republican competitors hands down for contributions from prominent gay Republicans.

A survey of 34 members of the board of the Log Cabin Republicans and the organization’s New York and California chapters shows seven contributions totaling $9,700 going to Giuliani, according to Huffington Post’s Fundrace.

One person listed on the Log Cabin’s National Board, Troup Coronado, is listed as giving $750 to John Edwards, a Democrat. A spokesman for the Log Cabin Republicans said Coronado is no longer on the board.

Only two other contributions from the Log Cabin officials surveyed were made to Republican presidential candidates: $3,000 to Romney and $2,300 to former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson, who has since withdrawn from the contest.

There’s some angry queen out there, we’re sure.

We wonder whether the Log Cabinintes will rethink their politics now that Giuliani allegedly told Family Research Council president Tony Perkins if forced, he would support ban on gay marriage.

[Family Research Council president Tony] Perkins said Giuliani told him in a private meeting that if the Defense of Marriage Act appeared to be failing or if multiple states began to legalize same-sex marriages, then he would support the constitutional amendment.

Giuliani did not mention the amendment or the issue of gay marriage during his address to the Values Voters Summit, but that position could win him favor with some social conservatives who view the former mayor warily.

Perkins said that was not enough to assuage his concerns about Giuliani, but “it was nice to hear.

Remember what Log Cabin leader Patrick Sammon said about the fight for marriage? Obviously Giuliani’s not a loyal soldier.

Could it be the Log Cabin Republicans will have to vote – shudder – Democrat? They sure as shit won’t be voting for Romney.

Update: Huffington Post also unearthed this NY Times article from August 4, 2001. It describes then mayor Giuliani’s gay-marriage loving ways:

The mayor’s progressive record on gay civil rights notwithstanding, he has not endorsed same-sex marriage. But, says Mr. Koeppel, ”He did tell us that if they ever legalized gay marriages, we would be the first one he would do.” Mr. Koeppel and Mr. Hsiao are in favor of the right to marry — which, among other things, would give gay couples the same protections as heterosexual couples in legal and fiscal matters ranging from immigration and adoption rights to veterans’ and Social Security benefits.

Could it be Giuliani changed positions for Perkins or did Perkins like to The Hill in an attempt to foil Giuliani? Whatever’s going on, someone’s getting fucked.