Log Cabin Republicans Bash Chuck Hagel In Full-Page “New York Times” Ad

hagel log cabinThe Log Cabin Republicans are often criticized for giving GOP politicians a pass. But the group apparently draws the line at former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE), President Obama’s presumed nominee for Secretary of Defense.

Appalled at Hagel’s homophobic comments from years past, as well as his views on the Middle East, the group took out a full-page ad in the New York Times decrying the potential appointment.

“Chuck Hagel: Wrong on Gay Rights, Wrong on Iran, Wrong on Israel,” reads the ad, which includes comments Hagel made in 1998, that “openly, aggressively gay” Hormel was a bad choice for a diplomatic post.

Hagel, who apologized for his comments this month, has also raised the eyebrows of conservative stalwarts like Sens. Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham. Pro-Israel groups are lashing out at the Nebraska politico, and even Republican svengali Karl Rove made a stink in a Wall Street Journal column today:

“Hagel is notoriously abrasive, viewed by many in Washington as an opportunist, and is not liked by many former colleagues. Many of Mr. Hagel’s views are out of the mainstream and even to the left of the president’s.”

If Hagel upsets both the left and the right, why did the President bother floating his name?

Unless Chuck’s simply a decoy to burn through all the outrage. Then Obama could slide in his real nominee without much fuss.  In either case, the White House has said not to expect an official statement on any nominations for the post this week.