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Log Cabin Republican’s Clark Cooper Tells Obama: DADT’s Repeal Failure Is Your Party’s Fault

The White House’s meeting with DADT repeal advocates, which President Obama briefly attended, was supposed to be off the record — but the president broke that promise when he revealed the next day, in a meeting with gay and progressive bloggers, that he told the Log Cabin Republicans’ R. Clarke Cooper that if his organization could just get “two to five Republican votes in the Senate,” the Democrats could push through a repeal. He said to Cooper directly, it “can’t be that hard. Get me those votes.” Haha! Cooper would like to respond!

With the off-the-record embargo broken, Cooper countered the commander-in-chief’s version of events, “Mr. President, we had the votes in place prior to adjournment, but the majority leader absolutely refused to allow the minority to include non-repeal related amendments for debate germane to the defense bill. Senator Reid is responsible for prolonging the legislative process.”

That is, Cooper isn’t buying Obama’s placement of blame on Republican hold outs for why the vote for cloture on the Department of Defense Authorization bill failed, taking a compromised DADT repeal with it. Oh to be a fly on the wall when those two locked eyes. [Keen]