Log Cabin Republicans Confirm RNC Platform Will Support DOMA, “Traditional Marriage”

The Log Cabin Republicans must bethuper-jazzed they get to participate in drafting the GOP’s platform for the first time.

So jazzed that they didn’t notice the platform gives absolutely nothing to LGBT people. That’s like your mother letting you watch as she boils broccoli for dinner.

As expected, “you’re still going to see stuff on the federal amendment [banning marriage equality]. You’re going to see stuff affirming DOMA,” said Casey Pick, programs director of the Log Cabin Republicans.

The committee began meeting yesterday to finalize the agenda for next week’s RNC in Tampa, FL.

So if DOMA is still there, and a ban on marriage is still there, what exactly is the Log Cabin delegation accomplishing? “There are other issues that we’ve been working on, but I’m not going to spoil that until we’ve got it in the document,” explained Casey.

Ooh—no spoilers! Maybe they’ve been hard at work ensuring the GOP endorses our right to get our parking validated?