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More Log Cabin Republicans jump ship after Trump endorsement

Jeri Ann Henry. Courtesy Log Cabin Republicans.

The unraveling of the Log Cabin Republicans continues, this time in the form of longtime member Jeri Ann Henry, who served as executive director of the group.

Henry’s resignation follows that of several other key members of the gay GOP group following an endorsement of Donald Trump for 2020 reelection. Henry, like the others, has resigned in disgust to protest Trump’s anti-queer policies and rhetoric.

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“Henry, who was the first woman to lead the LGBT Republican group, formally submitted her resignation Friday and left Monday after discussions with board members characterized as ‘harsh,’” reports The Washington Blade. “The resignation follows intense criticism of Log Cabin, which announced its support for Trump earlier this month without its members having met with him or having received any explicit commitments in exchange. Sources said Henry’s discontent with Trump and dissatisfaction with Log Cabin’s approach to defending its Trump endorsement in the media were key among her reasons for stepping down.”

Earlier this month, Log Cabin Republican spokesman Charles Moran defended the group’s endorsement of Trump, calling him “the first person elected president of the United States who supported gay marriage and also has a background supporting equality issues both as a businessman and as a philanthropist.” Moran’s stance also omits Trump’s long history of attacking the LGBTQ community, as well as the appointment of several homophobic judges.