Log Cabin Republicans Out of Cash

The Log Cabin Republicans may find themselves moving into an actual log cabin now that news that they’re over $100,000 in debt has reached the streets.

Now, we here at Queerty think it’s not a contradiction in terms to be both Republican and gay– fiscal responsibility and small government have nothing to do with sexuality and in theory the GOP’s libertarian tendencies believe the government has no place in the bedroom, but obviously that doesn’t change the fact that in practice the current incarnation of the Republican party is a walking contradiction in terms looking to impose their closed-minded morality based on misrepresentations of the Bible on the majority of Americans. So, in theory, we feel bad for the LCR’s slide to the poor house, but in practice?


The Washington Blade writes:

“The Log Cabin Republicans, hampered by lackluster 2008 fundraising, is facing financial difficulties and ended the year at least $100,000 in debt, according to Patrick Sammon, the organization’s president, who spoke to the Blade Friday.

Sammon said he expects the organization to have around $100,000 in debt or “maybe a little more,” adding that the figure is made up of consolidated debt.

“It’s not like we’re not paying the rent or not paying the phone bill or anything like that,” he said. “We’re current on the bills that we owe, but we do have some debt that’s consolidated.”

Sammon said the organization expected donations would be higher last year because of the presidential election.

“Really what we anticipated was that 2008 would be a better year fundraising-wise based on what we’ve seen in other presidential election years,” he said. “We just didn’t see the fundraising materialize the way that we expected.”

Sammon said the economic downturn in the past year “certainly has affected” Log Cabin’s ability to raise as much as had been forecast for the year. He added that other gay organizations and non-profits are facing similar challenges in the current economy. “

We don’t anticipate the LCR going away anytime soon– and honestly, we don’t want it to. Want to reach out to potential allies in the conservative world? As we’ve said before, to win get full equality, the gay community has to be able to win over some, if not all of, of the people who currently oppose our efforts. Gay Republicans speak their language and perhaps it’s time we set aside political differences and work with, not against, our Brooks Brothers wearing, Fox News-watching conservative cousins.

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