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Log Cabin Republicans Still Standing Behind/Under GOP’s Exclusionary Platform

We’re beginning to think “Log Cabin Republicans” is just a code word for a group of masochists who get off on political punishment. After openly acknowledging that the GOP would support its right to deny them their rights, those queens released a statement expressing their dissatisfaction with said support:

Tony Perkins may be boasting today about having written an antigay marriage plank into the Republican Party platform, but it will be a hollow and short-lived victory,” said Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director R. Clarke Cooper. “The obsessive exclusion of gay couples, including military families, from the rights and responsibilities of marriage, combined with bizarre rhetoric about ‘hate campaigns’ and ‘the homosexual rights agenda’ are clear signs of desperation among social conservatives who know that public opinion is rapidly turning in favor of equality.

Unfortunately, what voters can’t see in this document is the significant debate within the Committee. We were pleased to see vigorous debate on amendments in support of civil unions and to delete language regarding DOMA. While these measures failed, the future direction of our party clearly trends toward inclusion. This may well be the last time a platform will cater to the likes of the Family Research Council on marriage, and the fact is, platforms rarely influence policy. Tony will never see his discrimination written into the United States Constitution.”

Cooper continued, “Together with Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry, Log Cabin Republicans are proud to have encouraged this important debate at the Republican National Convention. Only by being in the room and speaking conservative to conservative will we succeed in building a stronger and more inclusive Republican party.

Despite abysmal marriage rhetoric, in certain places the 2012 Republican platform is an improvement compared to the 2008 document for LGBT Americans. Log Cabin Republicans advocated for the exclusion of any language calling for the return of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ – there is no longer any reference to the supposed ‘incompatibility of homosexuality with military service.’ We are pleased that the 2012 platform’s language on refugees no longer presents a barrier for asylum of LGBT people who are persecuted and threatened with execution in places like Iran. Finally, we appreciate the inclusion of language recognizing that all Americans have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. While there is clearly a long way to go and the language regarding marriage will be harmful to Republicans in November, these changes should not be overlooked.”

The “Log Cabin Republicans” must be sporting some serious wood right now — which will be useful when the GOP burns down all their tastefully-decorated cabins. You know…for sport.

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  • Miss Manners

    If you only vote on one single issue then sure you would probably only vote Democratic, but there are more issues to consider.

  • Neo

    I told Queerty that registration would pose no obstacle to the nutters, Miss Manners here is another.


    How about vetting applications, and approving the right to post. Hell, I’ll do it for nothing.

  • sandyc954

    I will never, never understand this Log Cabin personality. No, I’m not talking about any other comment here.

    But to prioritize taxes and business and (I’ve even heard “religion”, which is becoming more prominent to be OK with LGBTQ, even advocates for LGBTQ). Yes, there are religious LGBTQ that may feel the need to hide of be ashamed still. Being religious does not always come with baggage of hating LGBTQ folks, but if one prioritizes other things that keep causing suicides and assaults on LGBTQ, I find that disturbing.

    There needs to be an acceptance of religious folks whom are our allies and not assume all religious folks are against us. As we would like to be accepted, but point toward actual harmful groups like FRC.

    But, to keep voting Republican for taxes, deregulation and perhaps abortion is prioritizing business goals over people. I think regulation is needed because results of deregulation are harmful to consumers, employees and the public at large.

    This site is a bit more geared toward men, so I may not be here around much. But, I am not posing.

  • Michael

    Headline should have read: “LCR, Still bending over for needle dicked assholes who want them dead.”

  • erikwm

    @Miss Manners: What other issues are more important than your own personal dignity? I will not vote for someone who thinks me inferior, and wants it codified in legislative law, just because I’m gay. You have low self-worth if you would.

  • Rabbit

    Here in the south, we have a word for Log Cabin Republicans – house queer.

  • Larkin

    All men created equal… I don’t recall a distinction made between gay men and straight men.

    The constitution should only ever be used to grant rights, never take them away (regarding the suggested national amendment to make marriage one man/one woman.)

    It failed with prohibition and it will fail with gay rights.

    It’s a shame that republicans always want to take away rights from people based solely upon their religious beliefs. They say they hate countries like Russia and Iran but they want a government that is exactly like them.

    How sad.

  • Cam

    The GOP platform calls for a Constitutional amendment to attack gay rights, and supports DOMA.

    Log Cabin, also endorsed the person running against the Congressman who introduced the DADT repeal and cheered when he was defeated. So Clark Cooper pretending to care about the GOP’s opinion on DADT is beyond hypocritical. Especially since he attacked Obama for signing the repeal.

    Lastly, the biggest laugh is that Cooper claims to be a “Combat Veteren”. He thinks it gives him credibility.

    He was in Bhagdad at a staff (Political) job that the military paid him for. But don’t ask him if he’s ever fired his gun anywhere but the target range unless you want him to bolt.

  • Myles.

    Please explain to me how the wishy-washy Democrats are that much better than these Quislings?
    Being on the correct side and still doing very little or nothing isn’t that much better.

  • Cam

    @Myles.: said…

    “Please explain to me how the wishy-washy Democrats are that much better than these Quislings?
    Being on the correct side and still doing very little or nothing isn’t that much better.”

    Is this a joke? Gee, lets see.

    The GOP was against the repeal of DADT, and the Democrats pushed it through Congress and Obama signed it.
    The GOP has as part of their platform, endorsement of an anti-gay rights amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The Democrats have a gay rights plank in theirs and President Obama has come out in favor of gay marriage and ordered the U.S. dept. of Justice to stop defending DOMA in court.

    The GOP has fought against ENDA, which would prevent people from being fired just for being gay.

    Oh but yeah…..there’s no difference. (Eye Roll)

  • Red Meat

    @Miss Manners: Its not about one issue, its about prioritizing them stupid bitch.

  • scamandrios

    As infuriating as those who pervert religion to dissuade their guilt of being fueled with hatred are, I must say that bashing the Log-Cabin Repubs is counter-productive. These guys have my respect, they keep taking the fight to the gay hating zealots’ doorstep and seek to reform the Republican Party from within. I know most Americans view things in the childish and simplistic manner of “this party is GOOD, that party is BAD!” but if we don’t change BOTH parties we are simply being lazy. Also, sexuality shouldn’t be a person’s preeminent defining quality, so the fact that Lincoln Logs put their ideals above their personal benefit is deserving of respect even if we do not agree with them. The bottom line is they are not taking the easy path, and should not be made the endless subject of derision just because they don’t play the gay version of step and fetch by blindly believing and behaving as how general consensus (i.e.- stereotype) demands that they behave and think and feel. (Ex- “You are gay and don’t vote Democrat?” v. “You are gay and don’t like show tunes?” or even worse “You are gay and don’t have sex with men in rest-stops?” These generalizations are all absurd and offensive.)

    As a liberal, I actually respect people who stand up for what they believe in despite it being unpopular, and who think for themselves, even if I strongly disagree with them, and don’t just blindly follow the fascist route or “I am a gay, I must vote for X! I am a breeder, I must vote for Y!” Apparently Christian zealots aren’t the only close-minded people in need of some enlightenment.

  • Neo

    It doesn’t count as closed minded when the republicans want to outlaw abortion in 100% of cases and want us dead.

    Frankly anything is a step up from them.

  • Cam

    @scamandrios: said…

    As infuriating as those who pervert religion to dissuade their guilt of being fueled with hatred are, I must say that bashing the Log-Cabin Repubs is counter-productive. These guys have my respect, they keep taking the fight to the gay hating zealots’ doorstep and seek to reform the Republican Party from within.”

    Your post would have worked for them if it was 10 years ago. But this new version of Log Cabin aren’t taking the fight to the GOP. They are shilling and covering for them.

    The old Log Cabin under PAtrick Guarino, came out and said that although they follow GOP principles and believe in the party, they were not endorsing certain candidate, including George Bush, because his camapiagn had attacked gay people.

    This NEW Log Cabin tries to hide and lie to gays. For example, in the last presidential race, they came out and said that Senator McCain was NOT against gays adopting because he did NOT vote for an AZ state bill that made it illegal for gays to adopt.

    They left out the part that since McCain isn’t in the AZ legislature he COULDN’T vote for that bill, AND they left out that he had appeared in TV commercials SUPPORTING IT!.

    They knew all that, but tried to hide it to trick gays into voting for an anti-gay politician.

    When they attacked OBama for signing the DADT repeal, they weren’t attacking him for being a Dem, they were attacking him advancing gay rights. When they attacked OBama for coming out in favor of gay marriage, they weren’t attacking him for being a Dem, they were attacking him for coming out in favor of gay rights.

    They aren’t a gay group trying to move the GOP. They are a republican group that tries to get gays to support the party by hiding anti-gay facts and giving them cover.

    I respected the old Log Cabin, but not the group they have turned into.


    Who are they Log Cabin? are they HOMOS?.

  • Bellerophon69

    I agree that there are more important issues for we gays to consider in being a Republican than just ones sexual orientation; like making rich people richer and poor people poorer via the tax code, replacing science with religious dogma in schools, limiting women’s rights to choose what they do with their own bodies, eliminating Social Security and public assistance programs, freeing corporations from responsibility and taxes and championing individual liberty for white males only. Gee, why wouldn’t we all want to join the Log Cabin Party?!? Besides, the GOP is represented by so many cool celebs like Rush Limbaugh and that skinny blond dude, Ann Coulter,…oooh, they are hot and sexy, too!

  • brent

    @sandyc954: Well i could vote for and give money to the democrats who will then help blacks and latinos, who will turn around and vote against gay marriage. Would that be better?

  • brent

    @Michael: Yep and the same could be said of gay democrats who continue to support blacks and latinos.

  • brent

    @erikwm: Not all republicans are agianst gay rights. But if i did what you said and not vote for a member of a group that is opposed to my rights, then that means i cannot vote for republicans,blacks, latinos or muslims.

  • brent

    @scamandrios: That is the right attitude. I remember when prop. 8 was passed gay liberals said we needed to have outreach to the black and latino communities. Well that is what the log cabins are, they are an outreach group to the republicans. For some reason gay liberals think blacks and latinos are more persuable than republicans. I disagree i think republicans will support gay rights before blacks.

  • brent

    @Neo: ABORTION is not a gay issue. gays are not required to support or not support abortion. That is like saying guns rights is a gay issue and that gays have some kind of obligation to support the NRA. As for wanting us dead could the same not be said of blacks and latinos.

  • brent

    @Bellerophon69: You are bringing up issues that have nothing to do with gay rights. Whether you support keynesian or Milton Friedman economics, does not matter. There is no official gay position on economics. Besides i support Friedman because he expands wealth which all people, including gays benefit from. Keynesian just shuffles around existing wealth without growing new wealth. There is also no such thing as corporate tax’s , there are consumer tax’s,the corporations just pass the tax onto us. I don’t think gay people benefit from higher inflation. Why does being gay require me to be for abortion? That’s like saying i’m gay so i should favor waterboarding or the death penalty.

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