Log Cabin Republicans shunned by their own party, can’t even get a booth at upcoming convention

It’s been a rough year for Log Cabin Republicans. Not only has the conservative LGBTQ group been bleeding members, but they can’t seem to find any support or allies. Not even from within their own political party.

The Texas GOP has once again made it crystal clear that it wants absolutely positively nothing to do with the Texas Log Cabin Republicans.

For the twentieth year in a row, the State Republican Executive Committee has denied the LGBTQ group a booth at the state’s upcoming Republican convention. They can’t even get a card table in a dark corner near the handicap bathrooms.

Republican state Sen. Bob Hall said the group promotes “unnatural sex,” and religious zealot Steven Hotze said its members exhibit “immoral and perverted sexual proclivities.”

“The [Log Cabin Republicans] is a front group for the LGBTQ,” Hotze wrote in a scathing rebuke of the group.

He went on to allege Log Cabin Republicans seek to “force businesses, churches, schools, governments, and individuals to accept, affirm, and celebrate those who promote and participate in perverted sexual activities.”

In a statement, Houston chapter president Marco Roberts called the state GOP’s decision disappointing.

“Obviously, we are very disappointed with the decision made by our elected representatives,” he said.

Yet despite the fact that the party clearly wants absolutely positively nothing to do with them, Roberts seems intent on remaining a glutton for punishment.

“Many have told us that it is upon us to make the case for ourselves,” he said. “We agree, and we intend to do that, for us, and for our great party.”

Charles Moran, managing director of the national Log Cabin Republicans, tells the Washington Examiner, “There is no place in modern political discourse for the venom and sheer ignorance displayed by those opposing Log Cabin recognition in the party.”

On the contrary, it seems like the place for venom and sheer ignorance is the Republican Party.

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