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Log Cabin Republicans to 9th Circuit: Don’t Let Pseudo-DADT Repeal Kill Our Case, Pleez

Just because Congress and President Obama authorized the eventual repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell doesn’t mean the Log Cabin Republicans have abandoned their federal lawsuit that’s trying to get the courts to knock down the law as unconstitutional. The group was filing with the court yesterday, asking the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to ignore the Obama administration’s attempt to delay proceedings and move forward with its lawsuit. “Although a bill to repeal the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell statute has been passed and signed by the president, this legislative ‘repeal’ is not yet effective,” says LCR in its brief. “They have said they would continue to enforce it,” LCR attorney Dan Woods tells Reuters. “They sent memos to members of the service saying, ‘If you’re gay, don’t come out.'” Openly gay individuals also remain barred from enlisting in the service for the time being.” And while the Ninth Circuit, which refused to lift a stay on Judge Virginia Phillips’ ruling that knocked down DADT, because letting gays serve openly would be a change of “magnitude,” figures out its course of action, the Justice Department still has a few other gays coming after it.

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