Log Cabin Republicans Urge The GOP To Embrace LGBT Equality In New Ad

politico-adPrompted by the overwhelming support for marriage equality among Republicans in the Rhode Island Senate yesterday, Log Cabin Republicans are urging the GOP to “end its obsession with opposing equal rights for LGBT Americans.”

Mutiny never looked so good!

“Some Republicans just don’t get it”, Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director Gregory T. Angelo said in a statement accompanying the ad. “If the Republican Party wants to [win elections] it needs to take a stand against anti-gay rhetoric in its ranks and welcome the increasing numbers of Republicans who support the freedom to marry.”

Only time will tell if LCRs will be able to change the minds of GOP leaders opposing marriage equality, but we’d say a powerful statement criticizing their own party is a good first step.

View the full size ad here.

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  • yaoming

    What does it matter how big the tent is if it’s still rebublican? Hating [email protected] is part of their party, so what [email protected] would want to be a part of it? LCRs continue to amaze me.

  • Homophile

    Is the log cabin in “Log Cabin Republicans” the same one in “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”?

  • Cam

    I guess Log Cabin figured out that the last two exec directors way of doing things…i.e. shilling for the GOP in every way and trying to lie about or cover up anti-gay activities didn’t work and cost them their image and huge numbers of members.

    Sounds like this new director might have gotten that memo.

    As for getting the GOP to stop being anti-gay. Frankly, it’s irrelevent until their leadership is. If you have a Congressman who is pro-gay, but he still supports Boehner as Speaker of the House and Boehner won’t allow any pro-gay votes to take place, then the fact that that one Congressman is pro-gay isn’t helpful.

  • jwrappaport

    The Republican stance on gay rights is premised on the idea that we are morally disordered and dangerous to society, especially children. This isn’t controversial.

    These people and their capacity for self-deception continue to amaze me.


    Right after the election, it seemed like the GOP was trying to change its image a little to attract more voters; however, in spite of support from people like Senator Portmann for marriage equality, the core of the party seems reluctant to change…I guess that they like losing elections, perhaps.

  • AxelDC

    At least they are attacking Republicans for being antigay instead of attacking gays for being Democrats.

  • brent

    Whatever you think of the log cabin’s, they are still doing more to hold the GOP’s feet to the fire than gay liberals did when blacks and latinos voted for prop. 8 in 2008. The liberals are doing the opposite, they are helping latinos whith they’re cause, to become citizens. It’s amazing that gay liberals in california are helping to create more hispanic voters. At least the log cabin’s are not trying to increase the anti-gay vote in the GOP.


    Log cabin, IDIOTS come sit on my log!. AdamHomo

  • Harley

    With LCR there will always be a profit motive in there some where. Republic-clans don’t do anything unless there is money to be made.

  • Elloreigh Emphasis on “change its image”, which isn’t the same thing as changing anti-gay policy stances. They recognize that the overblown rhetoric is driving people away, so they think it’s enough just to change the tone of the message, not the substance. And you’re right – it seems the core of the party is reluctant to change. I would even say resistant to the point of being combative describes some of them.

    They haven’t learned the lesson. I guess it will take more defeats and a reduction to political irrelevance before its heard.

  • bmwblonde

    Guess what, Neanderthal Republicans? Abe Lincoln, who founded your party (but who today would not POSSIBLY be able to recognize the Den of Bigotry, Special Privilege, Gated Communities and total arrogance the GOP has become) – was . . . wait for it . . . QUEER. That’s been well documented – he slept with his “footman” (let’s not go THERE) for years and years, and poor o’ Mary Todd got more and more depressed and pissed off as those years wore on. Duh.

    So, LCR types may in some weird subconsious way remember their real “Republican” roots and values ~ “Honest”ly! – closeted Abe. But generally speaking, we can only pity the the impossible-to-fulfill “wish fulfillment” of pathetic, self-hating Log Cabin Republicans. They selectively ignore about how hateful and truly F____ed up the GOP has been for years.

    Cases in point (and I do mean “cases”): Nixon was a clinically documentable sociopath, Ronnie Ray-Gun the paid stooge puppet of huge “Amurikun” corporate special interests, and both Bushes are allegedly owned, lock stock and barrel by the Middle East oil cartel. Yeah, they really “care” for the working man.

    And yet, ALL of this is the U.S. voter’s fault, due to their stupendous ignorance, apathy, hypnosis by TV, celebrities and addictive I-Phones, and their lockstep tuning out of reality ~ as long as they keep borrowing (on high-interest credit of course) their pathetic, TEENSY chunk of the huge pie actually owned by the totally cynical 1%.

    As for Log Cabin Republicans — THEIR wanting to be part of the “special/entitled” GOP fairy-land — is beneath contempt, at SO MANY different levels. A politically non-correct term would be “gay, house n___rs.” And you can count on this: the LCR’s are secretly laughed at by all the “real men” GOP power-mongers. So, I suggest you get some SERIOUS therapy, you self-hating wanna-be’s.

  • brent

    @bmwblonde: gay house n–rs. kind of ironic you are using that language when the minorities voted for prop. 8. You forgot to mention the greedy trial lawyers driving up the cost of health care and anything else they can get they’re greedy hands on

  • Will L

    The best a Republican can do is *tolerate* us. It isn’t in their make-up to welcome us with open arms. Bigotry is what make the party what it is. yaoming is right. A bigger tent won’t change them.

  • brent

    @Will L: You seem to be saying that parties do not change. Since the democrats started out as the party of slavery and Jim Crow, do we assume that they still stand for those things.

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