Log Cabinites Comes Out Against Larry Craig

Mitt Romney ain’t the only Republican distancing himself from Ida-ho-an Senator Larry Craig. Log Cabin Republican president Patrick Sammon released the following statement on Lewd Larry:

Senator Larry Craig’s ability to continue serving the people of Idaho is in serious doubt. He has violated the public trust, not just with his inappropriate and illegal behavior, but in the subsequent explanation of his actions. Innocent people don’t plead guilty.

The Republican Party, the people of Idaho, and all Americans should demand better from their elected officials.

It’s not for me to speculate about Senator Craig’s sexual orientation. However it’s clear that whether it’s Jim McGreevey, Ted Haggard, or someone else, life in the closet often leads to destructive, harmful, and reckless behavior.

Now if only the GOPpers would stop pushing the gays in there…

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  • Mr. B

    McSkeevey is a Democrat. What’s his excuse?

  • tttboy

    Ah yes another Republican closet case has the door pulled open. Big surprise. When will the RNC buy some new Gaydar equipment? Just when I thought all hope was lost though, The Washington Post posted a step-by-step plan to rebuild Larry Craig’s credibility… I don’t think it’ll work, but it’s always worth a try.http://blog.washingtonpost.com/offbeat/2007/08/larry_craigs_image_makeover_to.html

  • jaff3

    I like how the LCR tries to throw a democrat, i.e., McGreevy, in the mix. Unlike Haggard, Foley, and Craig, McGreevy had pro-gay policies and worked closely with many gay political organizations, especially in the last few years of his administration. The issue is not whether someone is closeted, it is whether they are a hypocrite. The other issue is the weird pathology of these anti-gay gay republicans.

    Also McGreevy was not caught in a serious crime like sex in toilets (Craig), prostitutes (Haggard), or sexual interactions with children (Foley). Adultery is bad, but not illegal.

  • Matt

    “However it’s clear that whether it’s Jim McGreevey, Ted Haggard, or someone else, life in the closet often leads to destructive, harmful, and reckless behavior.” Interesting how an organization that supports the party whose policies and politics have created an atmosphere of repression, indignity, inequality and humiliation that mitigates against coming out of the closet for many, can tsk tsk about how sad it is to be closeted. I totally understand that gay and lesbian Americans can have a wide spectrum of political opinions, but the LCR’s adherence to a party of oppression and intolerance seems fundamentally self-hating and ultimately self-destructive. Be conservative if you must, but why be Republican? It’s like being African-American and wanting to be a member of the KKK, for godsake.

  • GranDiva

    McGreevey does stand accused of official intimidation/misconduct and abuse of power among other things, however.

  • FlamingModerate

    Matt- That old KKK analogy is tired. Polling shows that nearly 50% of rank and file Republicans support equality. That didn’t happen because people like you stood outside their windows stamping your feet and blowing a whistle. It was because of people like Log Cabin members who had the courage to go inside and talk to them and explain equality to them. That takes guts. And it’s working. If there are enough Republicans to pass legislation we don’t ahve to accept the stupid lame excuses we’re getting from Democrats about why they can’t pass legislation now that they control Congress. Every time you insult a Republican you have a 50/50 chance you are insulting a friend of our struggle. Knock it off. You’re not helping.

  • Matt

    Point taken on the moldy old analogy, FlamingModerate (love the name, btw), but if 50% of rank-and-file repubs are so supportive of equality, how come they keep electing Neanderthals, ideologues, and reprobates? If there were more moderate Republicans, the Dems might be able to do something with the slender majority they have. Alternatively, those equality-loving Republicans might consider sending more moderates or (gasp, shudder) crossing party lines and sending moderate Dems to Congress, so things can get done. And I’ll continue to insulte Republicans until that lovely 50% come out of their closets and do something constructive.

  • Paul Raposo

    Could someone please explain the gay right to me?

    I can understand being a conservative, or even a Republican. But when perusing Bruce’s posts at Gay Patriot, the comments section presents not just anger at liberals–whom are always presented as far leftists–but there is a burning hatred of gay people by the likes of James Wittenback, aka V the K; North Dallas Thirty; Michigan_Matt; The Gay Conservative; and even Bruce himself. All these men who profess to be gay, show a hatred for gay men that burns with the brightness of a 1000 light bulbs. Why? Why do gay conservatives hate the LGBTQ community so much?

    Even Robbie and Matt, the douchebags who run The Malcontent, hate the gays and seem to have a special hate for Queerty and Towerload.

    Even Flaming Moderate above seems willing to trash Matt for his comment, yet I have to ask, FM, how many times have you done the same to a conservative?

    Let’s face it, the gay left has made life easier for the right wingers to be gay, to marry, to adopt, hell, to call themselves gay–an exceptionally PC thing for a homosexual to call himself. A word used by gay righties who brag about hating political correctness.

    FM, your work may have helped to turn 50% of Repubs around, but it’s Matt’s work that made it easier for you to come out as a gay man who supports the Repubs.

    So I ask, what’s with all the hate conservatives? What did we do to you to deserve your hate and what has the Republican party done to deserve your praise?

  • Jon

    What’s the big effin’ deal? Who hasn’t has sex in a public bathroom? Leave the man alone. I don’t see how this effects his ability to serve the public. EVERYONE has done something that they later regret, may those of you without sin cast the first stone. He didn’t murder anyone and his “crime” consisted of tapping his foot and reaching under a bathroom stall.

  • hisurfer

    McGreevey was accused of some very serious crimes and ethical lapses, if I recall.

    I’m more bothered by the kaka flowing from the Republican party than by this guy’s “crime.” In the OP: innocent people routinely plead guilty (or rather, no contest). Sometimes it’s the easiest way out.

    “Compassionate” conservatism is finally dead. Now it’s: throw the bitches under the train at the first lapse. While I’m enjoying watching the Grand Old Party lapse into Civil War faster than Baghdad on a sunny day, I’m also a bit worried by the reactions on the Left. Or rather, the deafening silence. I’d really like to hear just one Democrat [Hillary/Obama/Pelosi/Dean – anyone!] come out and say “a person’s sexuality is none of our business.”

  • Stenar

    Did anyone notice that in his press conference, Larry Craig said, “Thank you all for coming out today…” He on the other hand did not come out:

    See it for yourself:

  • GranDiva


    As one of Craig’s own constituents puts it:

    “I believe he should resign because I believe character is an extremely important qualification for public service,” said Bryan Fischer of the Idaho Values Alliance. “And I believe the senator, by his own admission, has acknowledged that he has fallen short of the standard that we should expect from public servants.”

    I don’t agree with it, but that is the active rationale.

  • GranDiva

    Oh, and, Stenar, no, I will not be buying one of your t-shirts.

  • dfrw

    Why does everyone keep forgetting Schrock?

  • dfrw

    Paul Raposo, I fail to understand them as well. I think I read recently that the Log Cabin Republicans in Fort Lauderdale have 36 paid members. I never could understand voting for Republicans, but then, other things mean more to me than religion and money.

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