Log Cabinites Comes Out Against Larry Craig

Mitt Romney ain’t the only Republican distancing himself from Ida-ho-an Senator Larry Craig. Log Cabin Republican president Patrick Sammon released the following statement on Lewd Larry:

Senator Larry Craig’s ability to continue serving the people of Idaho is in serious doubt. He has violated the public trust, not just with his inappropriate and illegal behavior, but in the subsequent explanation of his actions. Innocent people don’t plead guilty.

The Republican Party, the people of Idaho, and all Americans should demand better from their elected officials.

It’s not for me to speculate about Senator Craig’s sexual orientation. However it’s clear that whether it’s Jim McGreevey, Ted Haggard, or someone else, life in the closet often leads to destructive, harmful, and reckless behavior.

Now if only the GOPpers would stop pushing the gays in there…