Log Cabins v. GOProud: What’s All the Bitching About?


To many, “gay Republican” is an oxy moron. If it is, then, it appears to be thriving, at least by one standard: There are now two national groups dedicated to conservative gays, though you’d be hard pressed to get either the struggling Log Cabin Republicans or splinter group GOProud to acknowledge either is going about their agendas in the right way. So what are these two groups arguing about?

Allow us to boil down the Jenny Jones-level fighting that The New Republic discusses

GOProud on LCR: They aren’t “Republican” enough. They care more about hate crimes and ENDA than estate taxes and privatizing Social Security, which should be more important to gays because of they way they’re affected by same-sex marriage bans. They hate on GOP chairman Michael Steele too much. They mimic liberal Gay Inc. rights groups like HRC.

LCR on GOProud: They only formed GOProud because they are, like, really bitter. And by “they” we mean Chris Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia, who both wanted executive director Patrick Sammon’s job after he left, but were turned down, so they created the new org. How ‘dem grapes?