Interview: Meet the Newest Member of Alyssa Edwards' 'House of Edwards'

Alyssa Edwards’ famed drag house, the House of Edward, has added a new queen to the family! On August 23rd, Fire Island drag queen Logan Hardcore announced on Facebook that Alyssa Edwards had officially made him a member of the beloved drag house:


Honored to take on the name of Edwards. Thank you to Alyssa for making me officially Logan Hardcore Edwards!”


Alyssa Edwards Logan Hardcore Fire Island New York House of Edwards
Image Credit: Gina Garan

We reached out to Logan to find out more about his induction. Being the busy, working queen that he is, he was unable to talk with us over the phone, but he did take the time to spill some tee to us through Facebook…

Introducing Logan Hardcore Edwards

Logan Hardcore Drag Queen 01

Tim Winfred: Spill the tee hunty! Tell me how you became a part of the House of Edwards.

Logan Hardcore: Well it all started with my friends Gina and Jackie. The place I work at on Fire Island, The Ice Palace, hired Alyssa to come to my birthday show this summer. I have always been a fan of Alyssa, even before Drag Race. She’s legendary in the pageant scene and I’ve always loved a good pageant.

Alyssa came out to the island. She was there Friday night for my show. She watched the show and afterwards came up to me in the dressing room and said, “Miss girl, all this talent in this pretty package!” She was also calling Vivi (Vivienne Pinay) and her boyfriend and just saying how great I was. It was truly mind-blowing to me to hear that from someone I truly have admired for so long. The next day at my birthday show, where she was performing, she had me audition to be in the house. After I did “The circle of life,” as an elephant and monkey dancing around the pool, she said that I was the newest member to the house of Edwards.

T: How did you meet Alyssa and how long have you known her?

Logan Hardcore Drag Queen Fire Island New York 01L: I met her on Fire Island this summer, so as of right now I’ve known Alyssa for… 3 weeks lol.

T: Did Alyssa ask you to be a part of the house or did you ask her? How did that scenario take place?

L: I jokingly said something about it after my show Friday night and she hinted that it was going to happen the next day. I didn’t know she was going to full blown make me audition, but she did, and I had my nails on, my hair right and I was ready to give it to ALL of the kids!

T: What was your reaction when she asked you/you asked her?

L: I was thrilled, I look at Alyssa’s house and see nothing but talent. I truly was honored.

T: What does this “induction” mean to you? How will this change you and/or make you better?

L: I think it’s nice to have made a sister and friend, let alone someone who is willing to put my name along side hers. I think it will make me take it all a bit more serious .

T: What is your relationship like with the rest of the queen in the house? (Laganja Estranja, Shangela, Vivienne Pinay)

Logan Hardcore Drag Queen Maddox MaddisonI’ve met Shangela a few times and have nothing but respect for her. The girl is a talented WORK HORSE. I love her drive! She broke her damn leg on stage and was back doing shows within months. Its’ kind of amazing. I have never met Laganja. I did a review of Drag Race with my sister Maddox, who has since passed away, and I was not a huge fan of hers. But talking with Alyssa about it, and how all things play out, I would love to get together and kiki and get to know the girls better. I’m learning that I can’t judge people just by what I’ve seen on a reality TV show. People grow and change.

T: Tell us more about yourself: How long have you been doing drag, what got you started, where do you perform, etc. Share as much about yourself, your drag career and your non-drag life that you feel comfortable sharing.

L: I started doing drag in NYC about 8 years ago because I was dating another queen and I wasn’t old enough to get in legally. So, by dressing up half the time, they never asked for my ID. I also love to perform. I have been doing some sort of performance my entire life. I perform on the gay resort island Fire Island all summer doing shows 3 nights/days a week at the Grove Hotel and Ice Palace. I also host 2 brunches in NYC during the fall and winter at La Carbonara on Saturday and Sunday and Intermezzo on Sunday. I also have the pleasure of working at the legendary Stonewall Inn in NYC, where I am going on my 3rd year of shows… kind of crazy. When I’m not doing drag, I’m currently working on branding myself as a makeup artist ( and moving forward in that direction. I have an amazing boyfriend that I’m very proud to say has always supported what I do. He has been along for this ride and seen the good, bad and the ugly and he still loves me.

Logan Hardcore Drag Queen Fire Island New YorkT: Where and when can people find you performing?

L: Thursdays – Stonewall Inn NYC
Saturday – La Carbonara at 2pm
Sunday – Intermezzo at 12:30pm & La Carbonara at 2:30pm

Saturday and Sun start in October!

T: What’s next for Logan Hardcore?

L: For Hardcore, moving forward, growing as a performer and a professional, and of course hopefully making it onto RuPaul’s Drag Race!

T: Anything you wanna promote?

L: You can find me at and my makeup site!

T: Where can people find you online?

Instagram: loganxhardcore

T: Anything else you’d like to say?

L: Thanks to Alyssa for seeing something in me and welcoming me and being truly one of the nicest girls I’ve ever met.