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Logan Paul is moving to Puerto Rico and nobody is more upset about it than the people of Puerto Rico

Logan Paul
(Photo: @loganpaul | Instagram)

Toxic YouTuber-turned-professional-boxer Logan Paul is leaving the continental United States.

The 25-going-on-13-year-old said a few weeks ago that he was planning to move out of Los Angeles because the taxes in California are “f*cking insane.” Now, he’s making good on that promise and relocating to Puerto Rico.

On his latest podcast, Paul revealed that he recently eschewed advice of public health officials and flew down to Puerto Rico for a little vacation. To his surprise, the U.S. island territory wasn’t the “third-world country” he was expecting it to be, and tax rates are low, sooooo he’s moving there!

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“I went out there to scout it, and I fell in love with it,” Paul explained. “Obviously, I’m impulsive, and I trust my gut, my instincts. I feel like it’s the closing of a chapter and the opening of a new one.”

Nobody is more upset by this news than the people of Puerto Rico and their friends.

Paul has a long history of problematic behavior. In January 2018, he made international headlines when he posted a video of himself pointing and laughing at a suicide victim’s corpse to his YouTube channell.

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One year later, in January 2019, he made headlines again when he was accused of being homophobic after joking about “going gay” for a month, implying that being gay is a choice. The remarks inspired an epic clap back from Gus Kentworthy.

And in December 2019, he made headlines again when a cellphone video of someone who looked like Paul performing oral sex on another man emerged online. The identity of the man in tape has never been verified.

No word yet on when Paul plans to move or where on the island he will live.

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