Logo, BBC America Air Absolutely Fabulous Olympics Special

Time to pop the Bolly, darling: Wednesday night at 10pm, both BBC America and Logo will air the Absolutely Fabulous Olympics Special, which just had its UK debut.

In the half-hour special we find out Patsy and Eddy have somehow not been clued in to the fact that the London Games are about to start. Eddy rents her home out to a A-List Hollywood star,  but she’s worried she’s not A-list herself anymore—that she’s too old, that invites to hot parties aren’t forthcoming and, worst of all, Stella McCartney won’t return her calls.

In a desperate bid for relevance, the girls end up carrying the torch in the Olympic stadium. (They actually shot there before it was completed.) In addition to plenty of Olympic guffaws, viewers can expect glamorous debauchery, celeb cameos and appearances by Saffie, Edina’s Mum, Bubble, Bo and Marshall, and more.