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  • Paul-Michael

    Logo could be more affluent in the GLBT community and show a better variety of show. As someone who has watched the channel for years I am losing interest in the channel. I hope this ‘GWIST’ Idea produces better entertainment.

  • andy_d

    If GWIST is going to consist of clips like the one above, I AM NOT going to be watching it. What kind of tag line is “If you are the victim of domestic abuse, suck it up?” Granted it is parody, but the tag line was totally uncalled for. Posting contact information so those being abused can get help would be, IMO, a much better way to end the segment. It maintains the parody but gives helpful, useful and POTENTIALLY LIFE SAVING information.

  • Daniel-Reader

    Logo needs to fire all its programming staff and hire folks who don’t equate crossdressing with being gay (since most crossdresser are heterosexual). It has never seemed a channel programmed by anyone who understands the gay community at all.

  • QJ201

    And it will suck less than Logo?
    Maybe YouTube is a better outlet, Logo seems to have castrated itself from day one.

  • Wilberforce

    More shallow trash. No surprise.
    It makes me sad that the gay community can’t take control of their own media outlets and insist on quality programming.

  • amedas

    @Daniel-Reader: @ Daniel-Reader, your post prompts to me to wonder that there must have been sufficient people watching these cross-dressers to warrant Logo’s programming contents, but who are they, exactly? Are these people in the new niche? Like you and some others, I am find cross-dressers not entertaining at all.

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