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  • buybioniconitunes

    I hate it when drag queens act like just because they do drag, they’re automatically scholars when it comes to social issues tbqh.

  • masc4masc

    I do not condone Rupaul either.

  • ingyaom

    This is not about “social issues”. It’s about RuPaul being a transvestite – which he is and has been for decades. It has nothing to do with body dysmorphia – which is a condition that transsexuals have to deal with… and I wish them luck.

  • DarkZephyr

    can recall two instances on Drag Race when the “T Word” was used.

    1) During the burlesque performance when “Tr***y Chaser” played

    2) On Untucked when Kylie Sonique Love (on the show known as “Sonique) who is herself a Transgendered woman, tried to get Tatianna to admit that she was Transgendered. She said something to Tatiana about “Tr***y life”.

    So when a drag queen used the term on Season 2 it referenced Transvestites. When a Transgendered woman used the word on the show, she was referencing transgendered women.

    @buybioniconitunes: I am not quite sure what you are talking about. Ru made a valid point and something I wish she would have said *from the start*. The “T word” does NOT only mean “transsexual” and in fact it meant “transvestite” long before it referenced transsexuals and transgendered people. I am a huge supporter of my trans* brothers and sisters, but I get tired of the claim that drag queens “appropriated” the word. This is not the case by any stretch. Drag queens actually had it first.

  • Red_Dragon_888

    Hummm… I will miss “You got @#$#$%&*,” if it comes down to that, but I never knew that others in the Transsexual and Transgender and beyond communities thought it was a demeaning word that cause them pain. (although, Rupaul may have been thinking of re-owning or redefining that phrase and giving it new meaning with empowerment to a positive effect; like what Richard Pryor did with that other well known word. I hope in her infinite wisdom, RUPAUL, a.k.s. “The Monster,” will think of a new phrase that will make all involved happy or prove to the effected community that she was merely wanted take charge of that phrase an “Own-it” and change it for into a more powerful positive message. After all, the show is entertaining, and in it’s heart it is an instrument to bring all people together and not pull them apart.

  • Red_Dragon_888

    Funny no one is complaining about “Sissy, Queen, Bitch and Hag.”

  • Nowuvedoneit

    @buybioniconitunes: I’m offended you think your opinions matter as much as any other persons. Opinions are like assh*les everyone has one!

  • mcflyer54

    While RuPaul may be “paying the bills” at LOGO RuPaul is also drawing a handsome paycheck for doing so. Had it not been for LOGO Ru’s 15 minutes would be long over by now. Honestly, unlike the recently fired Benham brothers there won’t be some Christian cable channel willing to pick up “Drag Race” (unless they mistakenly think it’s NASCAR) if LOGO were to dump it.

  • Dominickj

    You’ve got that right…

  • AlexM

    People need to grow up and stop being such fucking pussies.

  • Merv

    Stick do your guns, Ru! Don’t let anyone outside your community tell you what words you can use to describe yourself. This whole thing has gotten beyond ridiculous.

  • michael mellor

    Logo TV sucks.

  • damon459

    Well there goes LOGO, I guess Rue with have create a web channel or something.

  • damon459


  • MSMiller

    @buybioniconitunes: I hate it when “scholars” act like just because they’ve read some Judith Butler they get to tell everybody else how to speak their gender identity.

  • Ben Dover

    I just saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show again and I think it’s obvious that “[email protected]” can mean any or all of these three things:

    – transvestite,

    – transsexual,

    – a resident of Transylvania, Romania (part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire prior to 1918).

    Or I suppose, a graduate of Transylvania College, Kentucky.

  • michael mellor

    RuPaul has made a lot of money by playing dress-ups. You don’t need a special skill or social conscience to dress in women’s clothing. RuPaul is mainly there to entertain straights.

  • Shofixti

    If RuPaul concedes this point, then what is stopping a feminist committee from demanding that all drag queens cease using the word “bitch” because it’s sexist?

    Then what is stopping a prostitutes’ collective from telling all drag queens that are not sex-workers to stop impersonating and parodying sex-workers because it is offensive? (So much of their comedy boils down to just that).

    What is stopping a trans group from decrying the use of the words “she” and “woman” to men who do not identify as either of things while out of drag – that the casual ‘misuse’ of gendered pronouns is damanging to the trans community?

    There is really no end to language policing – it is anti-liberation.

  • queerT

    Rupaul should just move to HBO or Netflix or something. Logo is a cowardly joke.

  • greenman692003

    This is Petty, Ru-Paul is the only good show on Logo, don’t kill the Goose that lays the a Golden Eggs!!!

  • michael mellor

    What has RuPaul ever done for gay rights? He’s done more for Maybelline than for gay rights.

  • jayj150

    @michael mellor: What have Mock, Carrera or Cox done for gay rights?. Other than literally going through painful, expensive, life long treatments to become “straight women”, just so they could stop being gay MEN. Rupaul, on the other hand, is an icon of gender-non-conformity and freedom of speech. By the way, why hasn’t GLAAD, or any member of the trans word police condemned Mock’s frequent use of the word ‘fish’ to refer to non-transsexual women in her book?. I think comparing natural women to an animal is a whole of a lot more offensive than ‘you’ve got shemail’. And for that matter, why hasn’t anyone condemned her extremely troubling romanticizing of child prostitution?. But this controversy is actually good news, it has made the LGB community open their eyes about their trans “brothers and sisters”.

  • jayj150

    @michael mellor: Playing dress up for entertainment purposes is for many people a more legitimate reason than doing it to satisfy a fetish. Yet, she doesn’t judge you.

  • buybioniconitunes

    @Nowuvedoneit: thank you for the trite and cliche “offended at by everything” act that you probably got off the internet.

  • BrianZ

    @buybioniconitunes: Thank you for the shallow puddle of wisdom and insight you’re brought to the discussion. You’ve really pushed the envelope.

  • Nowuvedoneit

    @BrianZ: I could’ve not said it better myself, thanks.

  • StudioTodd

    @michael mellor: What has the trans* community done besides get pissed off at gay people for using some word or other that they’ve suddenly decided is now offensive?

  • Jeton Ademaj

    there are many trans activists offended by RuPaul, but that is not controlling upon my reaction…he’s right, there is an ugly undertow of classism in many of their complaints. i’m sorry so many feel that language policing is a worthwhile affair. it is indeed anti-liberation, and a great way to foment disunity.

  • Elektra1138

    @MSMIller “Read” Judith Butler? Please, I’m not even sure Butler herself has any idea what she is writing about. Her ‘text’ is simply garrulous non-sense.

  • Elektra1138

    @buybioniconitunes: Where is your qualification in social issues, huh? I think an effeminate, gay, black Drag Queen has a little more experience in that area than you. I’m guessing you’re a white CIS male with a persecution complex.

  • DickieJohnson

    Again: We don’t need a LGBT(QXYZ) WORD-POLICE / Speech Mafia. Let’s add some other put-upon minorities, like Redneck D¥kes, or, Redhead Co©ksuckers, and really get our panties in a superwad. Listen to yourselves. This is way beyond all F*©ked Up.

  • jayj150

    The transsexual movement is LGB people’s worst enemy and threat. They have a license(issued by the LGB community itself) to promote all the things that raging right-wing homophobes have been pushing for years: forcing therapy on gender-non conforming children, shaming same-sex attraction while rationalizing it as really “straight” if one of the parts puts on a wig and calls themselves a ‘woman’, attacking gay culture, slang and icons, trying to shame gay and lesbian people for their orientation because their not ‘gender fluid’ enough to force themselves to like the opposite sex. The only difference is while rigth-wingers get called bigots when they do any of these things, transsexuals are celebrated, defended and promoted because they’re an ‘oppressed minority’.

  • buybioniconitunes

    @BrianZ: I mean what have you brought? All you’ve done is call what I’ve had to say shallow without any reasoning behind it. Oh welp. You really got me there kid. Brava.

    and where did I ever suggest I was “pushing an envelope”? What? Just because Im able to see that comment boards are always people throwing around cliche phrases like “oversensitive” or “too politically correct.” please.

  • buybioniconitunes

    @Elektra1138: Really? thats the best you got? lmao. That I’m wrong because I’m supposedly a cis gay white male. Where are you even getting that. The only thing you know about me is that my username is buybioniconitunes and I dont agree with RuPaul on this issue. Try again next time sweetie

  • gskorich

    I applaud rupaul for sticking up to these few ‘victims’ who are making a bad name for others in the community. remove transgender from the LGBT community. their fight is their own. not sure why they were ever clumped together.

  • DarkZephyr

    @gskorich: Have you researched it? They have been with us since Stonewall for starters. They were present when the modern day Gay Rights movement began and they were part of it.

    For another Transphobia and Homophobia both come from a shared origin in misogyny. A hatred of things feminine and especially those who do not conform to the heterosexual cis ideal of gender and gender expression. You can violate that by either trying to recognize yourself as gender that *they* have decided you are not, or you can violate it by daring to be attracted to your own gender. This is still, in their eyes, a violation of their gender ideal.

    And finally, some of our struggles DO overlap, such as the struggle for work place protections and being served by businesses run by ‘phobes.

  • Rabbit

    So where is Logo’s statement when Roseanne tweets something about trans women and their raging erections?

  • MarionPaige

    One has to wonder what could possibly be the point of this non-issue. Maybe RuPaul and his producers feel they can make more money with a youtube channel than on Logo. However, youtube is likely to be even more “restrictive” than Viacom.

    One has to also wonder why Viacom is still fucking around with “Gay” (logoonline) when it has been clear for some time now that there isn’t enough money in Gay for a fat bitch like Viacom

  • lkeels

    @mcflyer54: Please, BRAVO would pick up Drag Race in a damn heartbeat if they get the chance.

  • Godabed

    People need to seriously learn the difference between Gender identity, and sexual indentity. Transvestites has nothing to do with gender identity at all, it’s a fetish where people get sexual arousal from wearing the opposite sex’s clothing. And Drag Queens aren’t necessarily Trans, There are gay, straight, and yes trans drag queens the difference being that gay and straight drag queens identify with the sexes they were born with, and more often then not do it as an artform and not a lifestyle like being trans is. When they are out of drag they lives the lives of Cis-gay or straight men, not of the opposite sex. (this also applies to drag kings and ftm trans people as well) In a lot of cases being a Drag Performer is simply about the money.

    Rupaul is not fucking Trans, and never has been, he’s a cis-gay man and has stated so several times in many interviews, he’s also stated that the only time he gets in drag is to get paid. It is not about the artform to him, it’s about the money. Check his quotes in his own words. Rupaul needs to stop making these phony excuses, he has been using trans-phobic languages for a very long time. And degrading the trans community for a very long time as well. This is why a lot of trans people don’t feel they are apart of the LGBTQI community. And Gay men need to stop attacking our trans brothers and sisters, it’s weird that they scream about social acceptance while being just as prejudice, and discriminatory as their heterosexual counterparts. Which is one reason it pisses me off when they try to use the civil rights movement to make a point about equal rights, when you can’t even extend the same common courtesy you are asking for to the same members of your own community.

  • Nowuvedoneit

    Gee Queerty it’s taking forever to process my previous comment, could it be that I used “trans” ? Maybe if I just used cis it would be ok.

  • ChgoReason

    Ru Paul (53 yrs.) was raised by people that went through some real hardships; and was probably reinforced with the mindset of just sucking it up. But, it really is unnecessary nowadays. I mean the times have changed, and Charles has to realize that his hardships are not equal. I mean, the 60’s are over. People are more accepting, but also more PC. Game of Thrones: WHEN YOU PLAY THE GAME OF THRONES, YOU WIN OR YOU DIE.

  • Danny

    Rupaul is anything but transphobic. This is a petty argument about context. And it’s annoying.

  • Danny


    Good point there.

  • jayj150

    @Godabed: There’s not such a thing as a ‘trans drag queen’ unless they perform in the gender opposite that they identify with. Performing in the opposite gender is what defines a drag queen/king. But of course, as for anything else when it comes to transsexuals, I suppose if a transsexual decides she is a drag queen, and wants to “identify” as such, then the rest of the world has to shut up, forget about their own definition of a drag performer, and obey, so they can feel ‘validated’. Oh by thew way, Cis is not a word.

  • ChgoReason

    @Rabbit: Roseanne is in syndication; ‘Drag Race’ is, oh no she better do!

  • Merv

    @Godabed: Who gets to decide which words are used to refer to transgender people? Transgender people. Interestingly, they also claim the right to decide which words cannot be used to refer to transvestites and drag queens, and they even claim the right to decide the words used to describe non-transgender people in general. Apparently, they are the final arbiters of all naming decisions for the entire English language. It’s a great job if you can get it.

  • Nowuvedoneit

    @Merv: like I tried to say before it’s a power struggle on who gets the rights to the suffix trans. A group who wants to have exclusive use or another subset that has been under the umbrella of gender defiant, I use these terms because it seems Queerty is very sensitive to who can use “trans”.

  • Michael

    @ingyaom: Ru isn’t a transvestite. She’s a drag queen. There is a difference.

  • Nowuvedoneit

    @Michael:Who are you to say what RuPaul is or isn’t? RuPaul can identify however he wants to identify as. Now they are saying he can’t be a transvestite? Why?

  • jparmstrong

    That was not Anti Trans Rhetoric. That was calling a spade a spade. The current state of Trans Activism is being led by a bunch of Transbians who insist on being labeled as victims. Parker Molloy, Becy Juro, and the rest have taken the pulpit and declared that if you disagree with their tactics…you are Transphobic. I think that is GARBAGE.

  • vklortho

    Is this like some kind of get-the-last-word-in game? How long has this recent RuPaul/Parker Molloy/random other LGBT people feud been going on for? There has to be better stuff to focus on then pointless in-group drama? I mean it’s not like trans activists are ever going to be not offended at everything under the sun and it’s not like most people going on about free speech are going to become self-aware and realize how hypocritical they often are.

  • niles

    The T’s need to go away and play in their own sandbox. Their only claim to a ‘community’ is that they suffer from a mental illness. Now they are demanding that the government treat this illness with taxpayer dollars. And what is this treatment? It is not treating the illness, it is treating their reaction to the illness. They have attacked gay people nationwide, destroyed organizations (remember OutServe-SLDN?), demanded that the words gay and lesbian be removed from all groups and events (while maintaining their own exclusive groups), and now they are very close to destroying any trace of gay culture left on television. Congrats to all of the meek milquetoasts of the gay movement who have bowed down to their transsexual masters over the years. Their dream of being recognized as “perfectly normal heterosexuals” is close to reality thanks to tools like GLAAD and others.

  • DarkZephyr

    @Michael: Not true. Drag Queens are a type of Transvestite.

    I believe the confusion lays in the fact that Drag Queens are a type of Transvestite that dresses up as a woman to perform, entertain and earn money. Then there are those who are fetishists who dress up as women for sexual gratification. Still others just enjoy dressing that way in daily life and are not Transgendered. There may be other kinds as well. Some Transvestites can fit under more than just one category. Lady Bunny for instance is the Drag Queen type but she also likes to dress femininely in her daily life, by her own admission. And she usually still goes by the pronouns “she” and “her” even when not performing. Tatianna is a similar example for she at times also dresses as a woman without performing and has since she was a teenager. But even Drag Queens who ONLY dress that way to perform or get paid are still a TYPE of Transvestite.

  • Dxley

    I guess I’m the only gay man in the world who knows nothing about RuPaul.

  • Mezaien

    @Dxley: Hahahaha you are funny! but don`t take it personally neither do I “RuPaul” who care.

  • Cam

    @michael mellor: said…

    “What has RuPaul ever done for gay rights? He’s done more for Maybelline than for gay rights.

    You mean other than being publicly out of the closet since the beginning unlike most other hypocritical closet cases in the entertainment industry?

  • toshafree

    this is truly ridiculous

  • no1

    this is ridiculous but I’m on Momma Ru’s side.

  • Cagnazzo82

    I’m as liberal as they come, but I always find it amusing when the gay/LGBT community starts cannibalizing itself over attempts to be overly politically-correct.

    Do they honestly really think Ru Paul has an issue with the trans community?

    What a joke non-story.

  • Qjersey

    @jparmstrong: Thank you, I will now use Transbians!

    Transbians are also guilty of what feminists have accused trans women of for a long time… throwing around the privilege they learned being raised as male.

    This is also a very selective attack as pointed out above. I don’t see anyone going after transmen into other transmen who call themselves tr*nnif*gs.

    More then Ru, Willam has used the word tr*nni and made trans jokes, e.g., Tr*nny McGuyver, The Vagina Song (about getting one). Seems Willam has gotten a pass.

    So white Willam gets a pass and Black RuPaul gets trashed by angry white college educated transbians.

  • NCSilverBear

    I remain skeptical over what this fuss is all about. The GLBT “community” is free to uses whatever words it chooses to call its various parts. I see no sort of demeaning attitude. We are what we are. What I do see is a lot of bickering queens looking for a bitch slap feat. If you can’t love yourself, who ya gonna get to love you? Get over it, girlfriends and get a life.

  • DarkZephyr

    @Qjersey: haha after all you said about “Transbians” and their misdirected activism you ended your spiel with a race bait. Hilariously ironic. Apparently it’s lost on you that the biggest villains in the eyes of those like Parker Molloy are “white cis gay males”. And apparently you were asleep when the very Caucasian Alaska Thunderf*** caught hell or when the Tr***yshack whose proprietor is white was bullied into changing its name. And did the very white Piers Morgan “get a pass”? No. Did that white journalist who asked Carmen Carrera about her genitals “get a pass”? No. Even other transwomen are catching hell from the Parker Molloys. Like Calpernia Addams (who worked with Willam on The Vagina Song) and Our Lady J and Jane County. All white transwomen. It seems to me that there is only ONE non-white person out of several people who are catching hell lately (some deservedly, like Piers and that journalist) and that is Mamma Ru. So please use the gray matter housed within your skull before you try to turn things into a racially charged issue that aren’t. Thanks.

  • WuzUpYall

    OMGAG. It’s LogoTV not a channel that matters. Ru can just switch networks. Much ado about nothing.

  • allTnoShade

    That Parker Trolloy is truly an ugly person right to the core…

    So much self-hate, self-loathing and insecurity that she wants to silence by making other people look worse than her. And all that by twisting words into whatever she needs them to be to sell her “story”…

    She’s truly embodying the lead-role of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” without even realizing it…. You know….that fable that tells you how filthy liars will end up eventually…

    The next thing on her list must be to change the meaning of journalist….since not a single soul would ever consider her to be one…like….ever… And it’s so very, very offensive to not see her at one…you know… *sob*

    (Hunty….here’s a hint….real journalists don’t call people “A*Sh**le” on Twitter….EVER).

  • Tracy Pope

    @jparmstrong: AMEN.

    Someone says to me “Oh that word is is offensive to me so you can’t use it”? Wrong. The day the “T”*** word is spit at a man or woman who is trans the way “Fa***t” is spit at us because we are homosexual my opinion of the issue might change.

    ***christ on a crutch Queerty, that we’re not allowed an honest discussion without having to skirt around what we’re actually discussing is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Red_Dragon_888

    Just Drag Realness Bitch!!!

  • jayj150

    @allTnoShade: But remember she is a ‘transwoman’, she doesn’t really need to be a real journalist, all she needs is to “self-identify” as one.

  • dbmcvey

    I hate that we’ve become the word police.

  • dbmcvey

    @dbmcvey: Not sure why this comment needs to “await mediation”. And if you can flag people for being jerks there are a whole lot of people on this site who should be flagged.

  • inbama


  • DarkZephyr

    I want it to be clear that I RESPECT my trans* brothers and sisters and I LOVE them and I abhor the “s” word and NEVER use the “T” word in reference to Transgendered men and women and in fact never use it period. I take issue with two specific Transwomen. Parker Molloy and Rebecca Juro who SHOCK of SHOCKS immediately after Parker Molloy got into hot water for calling beautiful Trans* Icon Calpernia Addams a “Drag Queen” called the beautiful and talented Transwoman Our Lady J a “Drag Queen”! And she had JUST recently interviewed Parker about HER Faux Pas. I honestly think that Rebecca did it on purpose even though like Parker she claims it was a “misunderstanding”.

    I had originally liked Rebecca til she decided it was her mission in life to defend Parker Molloy to the death and write snarky articles aimed at gay men just like Parker does.

  • allTnoShade


    All these “shamers” are currently digging a grave for the WHOLE trans community and they don’t even realize it. Trying to just force your goals and views on people in such an aggressive and oftentimes insulting manner (just gotta look at their tweets…..) will backfire at some point eventually (like it has happened here in Germany…).

    There have already been a few situations, that will have surely instilled resentment and grudges towards the T-communities ways of handling things in the general publics mind (not just the LGB people), because of HOW (!!!) they try to achieve their communities goals:

    The ridiculous “cisgender” thing….a world that contradicts ALL the reasons of why the T-community wanted to have their own gender identification in the first place… They didn’t want their identification to blur into already existing ones (which I can totally understand)…but then turned around and put all non-transgender into one big melting pot?!

    Then you have the constant world policing. Based on stories that were literally build to sell the argument, by stripping all the context and intend away from the subject matter… And then going around and calling the very people that you have accused for being offensive/insulting “As*h*le” on Twitter….kinda makes you and your “argument” lose all credibility…

    We are all playing the (very) long game here, to get people to accept and understand us for who and what we are…no matter what community we belong to…

    But trying to reach these goals in an aggressive way, while constantly contradicting your own arguments and being hypocritical in your actions (if you put them in context with the reasoning behind your own communities goals)….that’s the absolute worst way possible to achieve these goals.

  • sectbrawn

    Ironicially enough, this whole conversation is being played out on a website named “queerty”. Last time I checked, the word queer was a slur. Or, has it been “reclaimed” and is no longer a slur. Wait…I’m confused.

  • allTnoShade

    You can’t label or generalize words as “slurs” or “non-slurs” in the first place…

    It’s the context in which they are used and the intend of the person using them, that gives them any kinf of meaning and “power”.

    “Queer(ty)” is a news-outlet for the LGBT-community….which removes all negative intend, which is why – in this context – it isn’t a slur at all…

    If this would be a forum for bigots to spill hate and go on rants about LGBT-people, then it would have a totally different context and a very negative intend…

    People SERIOUSLY need to stop looking at JUST the words and focus on context and intend…

  • Ms Urethra Johnson

    ENOUGH !!! Transgenders can start their own damn competition show, put out their own recording artists, film their own videos… Leave us F*A*G*S alone. Don’t try to change OUR damn world we fought for. Start your OWN revolution. Don’t want to be part of our “community” ? Then Buh-Bye. Make your OWN rules, don’t watch Ru’s show. NOBODY is attacking yous… It’s like if we went to Disney and DEMANDED they remove all references to “fairies” and “tinkerbells” because it MIGHT offend us… I LOVE everyone, but you my “darlings” are starting to P*** me off. The “T” word is ours, it stands for transvestites, drag queens, and chicks with D***S… NOW go see your shrink and be on your merry way…

    P.S.: Chaz Bono is besties with RU and a bunch of other drag queens. I wish HE would say something. Maybe the other transsexuals/genders are just bitter and jealous of HIS journey to acceptence.

    If a male goes to female and vice-versa, full gender reassignment surgery and treatment, then it DOES NOT make them gay, it makes them HETEROSEXUAL, put that in your pipe and smoke it…


    Once again the trans community, who forced the “T” into GLBT while many of their community actually label themselves as “straight” seek to create an issue out of absolutly nothing……….

    The term “she-male” is a freaking joke, a play on words. It was not meant as a slander. Get the flock over it!

    So many times one sees interviews with those in the trans community and they claim they are happily together just like any other straight couple Yet they are the segment of the community that continues to create drama and claim to be victimized by those within the Gay community……..

    We face hate and bigotry spewed upon our community each and every day from the rightwing nutbags abhorrent bigots. To have such crap come from those who are supposodly from our own community is reprehensive. The trans community needs to stop playing the victim card again and again from a community that actually is victimized each and every day………..


    @Ms Urethra Johnson: While a lot of your post is similar to mine, Chaz kinda sorta ticked me off during an interview because he was one of those in the trans community who described his relationship as “just like any other straight couple”…..

  • Elektra1138

    @buybioniconitunes: Aw, touched a nerve have I? Maybe you should try harder, your rhetoric is boring, trite and a cliche, darling. I don’t know what to say to somebody whose head is obviously not attuned to reality. Try harder next time, sweetie.

  • lusitania

    For all those faggots, queers, poof and butt munchers out there. that have been aroun the scene for 2 minutes, and seem to think that, the words we call each other. are what the fight for gay equality is all about. for those that think that o ne gay person calling another gay person a fag is internal homophobia. and the what the gay movement is all about i say to u this…. grow the hell up! watch HBO’s the normal heart. then manage to obtain a copy of “And the band played on” and watch that to. THAT is what Equality is all about.
    fighting to literally stay alive and not be ignored by those that want us dead. that is what we should still be fighting for. not attacking our ally’s and each other…take a look at those films, and remembering that the reality was so much worse than u and i will ever know. because of those that came and died before us. then tell me that u have the right to tell those very people what word is considered offensive…like a word is even important!!!

  • Cee

    lmao I love that first tweet.. “Trust! @LogoTV hasn’t “distanced” itself from me, not while I’m still payin’ the f%kin’ light bill over there”

    Never heard anyone talk shit about a network like that and remain employed lol That’s how you know Logo aint shit.

  • ChgoReason

    Ru Paul doesn’t really play well with others (see below). I always wondered why Raven didn’t win the best season (Season 2) of Drag Race, and it kind of becomes obvious that Ru does not tolerate a talent above her. And it makes me think that it really brings no originaity to Drag Race but just a mesh of inspirations. She just looks at ‘fringe groups’ patterns and adopts a similar vision, but above it. I mean where was her ass while the AIDS epidimic was taking hold in the 80’s? S/he had, had to be in her eager twenties and what did she do? She made a song called Supermodel a few years later when the coast was clear. Ru may be visible but that does not make her vision the right one.

  • ChgoReason

    @lusitania: dude! Take an English class or smtn’ to get your point across ‘cuz ur rant is quite incomprehensible

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