Doug Ireland Miffed With Bellini

Logo’s “News” Called Out For No Iran Coverage

Logo patted itself on the back when announced their Jason Bellini-hosted 30-minute weekly news show. Veteran political journalist Doug Ireland, however, wants to slap them across the corporate face for their failure to mention consistently anti-gay Iran during their end-of-the-year spectacular. The frequent Gay City News contributor wrote to Jason directly:

I just watched your half-hour end-of-the-year “news” review on LOGO. And I was truly appalled when, in your oh-so-brief inclusion of Ahmadinejad’s infamous “no homosexuals in Iran” statement among the top ten stories of the year, there was not a word about the horrific, lethal campaign of persecution of LGBT people in Iran by its theocratic regime.

Coming just days after Iran’s hanging of 21-year-old Makwan Moloudzadeh — for having had sex (at the age of 13) with other boys his own age — aroused worldwide revulsion, your glaring omission of any word about the skein of daily repression which same-sexers face in Iran — Internet entrapment, raids on private homes and parties, arrests, torture, imprisonment, lashings, forced sex-change operations, executions, and the rest — is stunning and incomprehensible.

Your broadcast found time to talk about Ellen’s dog (twice) and about the feud between Mr. Trump and Ms. O’Donnell (twice) and other entertainment trivialities, but about the unspeakable persecutions visited on gay people in Iran you and your colleagues were utterly silent. By the way, I have yet to hear a word about the hanging of Makwan on your air. And still you call this show-biz fluff you’re doing “news”?

No word on whether Bellini’s responded to Ireland’s irate missive.