London Drag Queen Attacks Unsuspecting Victims With Her Beaver

Rosie Beaver Rosie Runs Riot

If you live in or you’re planning to take a trip to London anytime soon, watch out because you might get attacked by a drag queen beaver… a Rosie Beaver that is!

Rosie Beaver Drag Queens of London‘Drag Queens of London’ star Rosie Beaver is hitting the streets of Piccadilly Circus in London for a new web series called ‘Rosie Runs Riot’ and asking unsuspecting passersby some random and hilarious questions. The prize for those willing to participated is a delicious biscuit (which, for you non-British readers out there, is a cookie)!

The series debuted on June 3rd with an episode called ‘Tea’ in which Rosie manically chases people down and asks them about the beloved British drink. The responses are funny, but it’s the reactions that makes this series one to keep watching.

Only two episodes have been released so far, including the debut episode mentioned above and a second entitled ‘Fresh’. In this episode, Rosie gets people to sing the lyrics from Will Smith’s 90s TV show ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’!

Watch both episodes below and be sure to subscribe to Rosie Beaver’s YouTube channel to watch all of the newest episodes of Rosie Runs Riot when they come out!

Rosie Runs Riot – Episode 1 – ‘TEA’

Rosie Runs Riot – Episode 2 – ‘FRESH’