Art Fags Rejoice

London Gay Bar Plays Auction House

The Shadow Lounge isn’t content with simply serving booze and boys. No, no – the London-based gay bar’s getting into the art auction business. From Bloomberg:

A London gay bar, the Shadow Lounge, will host a $3 million auction on Oct. 11 during the Frieze Art Fair, with works by Banksy, Damien Hirst and Jean-Michel Basquiat, said Banksy dealer Steve Lazarides.

“We’re targeting people who might buy, and we want to make it a fun event,” Lazarides said today in a telephone interview. “Most art events are a bit stuffy.”

The catalog for the sale, “The Soho Auction,” features pictures of prostitutes, some with telephone numbers.

Good to know they’re keeping that gay spirit alive.