Lonely On V-Day? Out Magazine Reveals The 100 Most Eligible Gay Bachelors

Gareth ThomasToday is Valentine’s Day, when couples celebrate their love and us singles try to hold back the dry heaves. (We kid, we kid!)

But if you’ve been unlucky in love lately, you might have a shot at an A-List gay: has just released its third annual list of the 100 most eligible bachelors in queerdom.

Guys who made the list include screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, statistician Nate Silver, actors Chris Colfer and Guillermo Diaz, singer Mika, gossip guru Michael Musto, blogger Arjan Timmermans, rugby pro Gareth Thomas, (right) Congressman Mark Takano, CNN anchor Don Lemon, Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij and billionaire Peter Thiel. (Y’know, in case you’re looking for a sugar daddy.)

There are links to each bachelor’s Facebook page, as well, so you can reach out and make a tasteful introduction.

In the years the site has compiled the list it hasn’t always been easy to determine who qualifies: “People always complain to me: ‘He’s not a bachelor, he’s dating my friend,’” Out executive director Jerry Portwood tells Queerty. “But casually dating isn’t the same as being married—and these days, unless a guy is officially partnered or married, he’s still available and, therefore, a ‘bachelor.’”

Portwood adds that, “back in the old days, a ‘confirmed bachelor’ was a euphemism for a gay man—I love that we are somehow re-fashioning the term.”


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  • Eric Auerbach

    Ken Mehlman made this list. A fucking joke.

  • ibernard

    Mr Thomas, has Robert Mapplethorpe risen from the dead? Seems I’ve seen this photo before. I wouldn’t even call this satire. This photo is sheer copyright infringement. End of story.

    And to OUT Magazine: when you want an original photographer, who takes great photographs? CALL ME! I know photo history, and don’t repeat it. I MAKE it.

    You should all be embarrassed, except Mr Thomas, unless he was shown the photograph at the onset of the session.

    I wonder what Michael Ward Stout and the Mapplethorpe Foundation would have to say about this?

    Get a copy machine!

  • Icebloo

    These silly lists are pointless. I don’t think ANYONE can name more than 5 people on these lists. We really are scraping the bottom of the barrel to find 100 out gay men so why bother ? Can we please put out efforts into something good and worthwhile ?

  • bry5n

    christopher rice ought to be a higher number than #35, but he’s up from being #73 last year, so that’s something. nice job, chris! now, how bout that book you’ve been working on? :-)

  • qaf1964

    Although Dustin Lance Black would definitely be quite the catch. How could Anderson Cooper, the son of Gloria Vanderbilt and a hugely successful and wealthy and HOT man, NOT be the most eligible Gay Batchelor in the world. He’s not even number 100 on this unbelievable list of – who?

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