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This long-forgotten, very gay movie is suddenly trending on Netflix


It never surprises us when people revisit a classic film. Star Wars. Ben-Hur. Casablanca. These movies always have a following.

But Monster-in-Law? The forgotten romcom, at the time of this writing, has inexplicably landed on the coveted Netflix Top Ten list.

For anyone needing a recap (and let’s face it, that’s probably most of you), the movie debuted in theaters in 2005 amid major hype. It marked two-time Oscar-winner Jane Fonda’s return to the screen after a 15-year absence, and paired her with Jennifer Lopez–then one of the biggest stars on the planet.

The plot followed a controlling talk show host (Fonda) determined to ruin her son’s relationship with his fiance (Lopez), lest she end up old, abandoned, and miserable. A then-rising star named Wanda Sykes also turned up in the pivotal role of Fonda’s assistant.

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Critics savaged the movie on release for its mean-spirited premise, scattershot tone, and dumb jokes. Audiences showed a bit more kindness, lifting the film to a $154 million gross. Lopez received a nomination for a Worst Actress Golden Raspberry Award, which seemed to cap off the movie’s less-than-golden legacy.

Now Monster-in-Law has made an unlikely comeback, and Twitter has thoughts. Frankly, the movie does have a lot to love, particularly for a queer audience. Besides the presence of gay comic Sykes and the double whammy of queer icons Lopez and Fonda, Broadway legend Elaine Stritch turns up in a scene-stealing role as Fonda’s acerbic mother-in-law.

We have a feeling the renewed interest in Monster-in-Law probably results from a convergence of factors: the upcoming final season of Fonda’s series Grace & Frankie, Lopez’s recent re-engagement to Ben Affleck, and Sykes’ hosting of the Academy Awards. With all three ladies in the news, it only seems logical that audiences would gravitate toward a film featuring all three… even if it is something of a monstrous watch.

Here’s what people on Twitter are saying…