Bad Connection

Long Island Man Arrested For Using Adam4Adam To Rob Online Hookups


Here is yet another reason to be very, very careful when meeting guys online, and he goes by the Adam4Adam profile name HUGE12.

In this case, “huge” was probably referring to the pistol he was packing when heading out to meet potential victims.

22-year-old Long Island resident Marquise J. Utsey has been arrested for various crimes committed against men that he met up with via the popular hookup website.

On three separate occasions between December 29th and January 3rd, Utsey stole money and cell phones from men that he’d met after threatening them with a gun and a knife. All men were thankfully unharmed.

Late afternoon on Wednesday, investigators contacted Utsey on Adam4Adam using the HUGE12 screenname, and he was arrested when he offered sex in exchange for money from an undercover officer.

Long Island police officers are unaware of how long Utsey’s been pulling the scam on A4A members, but they suspect that there may be more victims who haven’t filed reports, and are asking anyone who may have been a victim to contact First Squad at 516-573-6152.

So think with your big head when arranging to meet people from online apps and hookup sites, and remember to be safe out there.