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Longest-married same-sex couple in the U.S. shares their story on the eve of Stonewall 50

Michael McConnell and Jack Baker

When Michael McConnell and Jack Baker were married in 1970, the American Psychiatric Association still considered homosexuality a “mental disorder.” It wasn’t until three years after their union that the APA finally removed it from the official list of disorders.

Of course, same-sex marriage was nowhere close to being legalized. But Jack, who was an aspiring lawyer at the time, was determined. So he found a legal loophole that allowed for the couple to be legally wed.

In 2016, the guys wrote about their incredible story in The Wedding Heard ‘Round The World. Now, on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, they sat down with Global News to talk about their 48 years together and what it’s like being the longest-married same-sex couple in the United States at such a historic time during the LGBTQ movement.