Look At All the Mormons Telling Crazy Old Heckler Boyd K. Packer They Love Him


“My only desire in creating this event is to tell President Packer that we love him,” writes the organizer (listed only as “LDS YOUNG MEN & WOMEN”) of the Facebook group “WE LOVE YOU – President Boyd K. Packer.” With some 30,000-plus people “attending” Sunday’s exercise in correspondence, it’s LDS’s answer all the lamestream media and Gay Inc. attacking the Mormon Church and its President Packer for saying mean things about homosexuals. In the meantime the Church released this anti-bullying statement after HRC’s Joe Solmonese dropped off some 100,000 names deriding Packer’s comments. It includes this line: “Each Latter-day Saint family and individual should carefully consider whether their attitudes and actions toward others properly reflect Jesus Christ’s second great commandment — to love one another.” My, that must be one tasty poison pill that Packer had to swallow.