Look At All the Mormons Telling Crazy Old Heckler Boyd K. Packer They Love Him


“My only desire in creating this event is to tell President Packer that we love him,” writes the organizer (listed only as “LDS YOUNG MEN & WOMEN”) of the Facebook group “WE LOVE YOU – President Boyd K. Packer.” With some 30,000-plus people “attending” Sunday’s exercise in correspondence, it’s LDS’s answer all the lamestream media and Gay Inc. attacking the Mormon Church and its President Packer for saying mean things about homosexuals. In the meantime the Church released this anti-bullying statement after HRC’s Joe Solmonese dropped off some 100,000 names deriding Packer’s comments. It includes this line: “Each Latter-day Saint family and individual should carefully consider whether their attitudes and actions toward others properly reflect Jesus Christ’s second great commandment — to love one another.” My, that must be one tasty poison pill that Packer had to swallow.

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  • AdonisOfFire

    But their religion (as most organized religions) has never been about love and forgiveness as Jesus taught, but about belonging to a “club” and being somehow superior because of that. I don’t believe a word they say.

  • Kent Peterson

    Fuck the Mormons and the horse the rode in on. I left this cult of hate years ago. May they rot in hell for all of the hate they have caused!!

  • the crustybastard

    The early Israelites had 613 laws. That was a lot for illiterate Bronze Age shepherds and farmers to comprehend and follow, so Moses whittled it down to 10 pretty common-sense laws.

    Even that proved too difficult for the faithful, so Jesus got it down to 2 laws, one of which is a sort of Equal Protection Clause.

    And no, Christians cannot manage to observe even two laws that are so simple that a child can comprehend them.

    But they’ll insist that religion makes them better people.


  • Cam

    All this shows is that his comments weren’t the out of date comments of a crazy old bigot. They are the mainstream beliefs of much of the church. The fact that 30,000 people, a number larger than the Tea Party Rally in DC would come out to support him shows that the mainstream of the church are bigoted and hateful, just as they were taught to be by their Profits like Packer.

  • obiwan

    There is much justified anger here. There was a sad story on a recent 20/20 about a youth who committed suicide by hanging and how his classmates celebrated his suicide by coming to school the following days with belts around their necks. I hope Elder Packers support is not as intentionally unkindly callous.

    People who don’t understand can continue to wallow in their prejudices. These people have been taught a hierarchy of sin, in which I understand Mormon beliefs place homosexuality next to murder as a most grievous sin. The only way this could ever change is for prophetic revelation to change the Mormon stance.

    Too bad the culture ware are claiming so many casualties.

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