Look at the Anti-Gay Hotties Gov. Lingle Met With

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As much as you hate to hear it, it’s probably wise for Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle to meet with anti-gay activists, as she did yesterday, because she’s also she’s going to sit down with pro-gay activists, and dammit, she wants to appear fair.

Lingle is deciding whether to approve or veto Hawaii’s civil unions bill, and to do so, apparently, she needs the counsel of religious and youth groups. And what harm to your civil rights can a group of lovely attractive people do, really?

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    Damm,damm,damm……….I really used to like Michael Cera.. :-p

  • Jason

    Since when is hate hot?

  • Yet Another

    When its self-hate wrapped up in hyper-masculine stereotypes and hot aggressive sex. Oh wait? That was rhetorical?

    Carry on.

  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    What hottie are you talking about? And that governor, sorry if I’m about to stereotype, looks like a bull dyke. Does anyone know if she’s married? Any rumors? I smell another Republican hypocrite and I think all our noses are pretty good at sniffing them out at this point…

  • christopher di spirito

    Look at his purty cocksucker lips. Dayum.

  • rf

    Dear Ryan McDonald – I’ll address you directly since there’s a decent chance you’re reading this (either by googling yourself or being a regular reader of gay sites).

    You look gay, you sort of sound gay, you are so consumed with gay issues that you had to show up to a government function and be interviewed on television. Not all anti-gay freaks are gay but sorry to break the news — YOU are gay.


  • michiko

    What comes next?? Allowing dogs to vote? Allowing plants to own property. What comes NEXT? It’s a slippery slope people!!

  • Aaron

    @michiko: What comes next? Allowing idiots like you nowhere near a computer!

  • Andy

    Ryan McDonald most likely jacked off to gay porn when he got home. Been there, done that. Come out, buddy!

  • rf

    @michiko: Dogs can already vote. Just look at Maggie Gallagher.

  • Lamar

    Why she is consulting people who the law won’t actually affect anyway is beyond me. Oh wait! It will! America will explode and all gays will take over if gays get civil unions!

  • Cam

    I’m sorry, but when somebody that young is going out of his way to be that publiclly anti-gay, all it says to me is that somebody a few years ago in school called him faggot and he has spent the last few years desperately trying to prove he isn’t gay.

    The sad thing is, in a few years, when he comes out of the clsoet, he is going to have to remember what he did here.

  • TommyOC

    It’s a shame that you people feel that the only way to retaliate against this handsome hatemonger is to question his sexuality.

    I didn’t realize that only gay people could be young and twinky.

    You guys disgust me as much as that kid does.

  • Mike

    He’s a hottie? You have low standards.


    Little bastard is a basically a Ted Hazzard, George Reekers, Larry Craig in training……………..

  • Cam

    No. 13 · TommyOC

    It’s a shame that you people feel that the only way to retaliate against this handsome hatemonger is to question his sexuality.

    I’m not questioning his sexuality Tommy. I am stating as fact that actual straight people especially of this age do not waste this much time worrying about gay people. Even if they don’t like us, they have other things to worry about. Their girlfriends, getting laid, going to school etc… The ONLY ones that will go this far out of their way to do something like this, are the ones who think about gays 24/7. And why do they think about gays that often? Because they are one. So there is no question here. That kid is a 100% Mo.

  • Seantc120

    @michiko: @Lamar: @TommyOC: These three commenters are the only few here that really have any thing relevant to say about this. Whether or not Ryan is gay, or even handsome for that matter, has nothing to do with what’s going on here. If you took this one post and took all of it’s comments as a reflection of the maturity level of the gay community, it doesn’t make us look good. We should be addressing the issue and leaving our mature insight, and not senseless defensive backlash.

    I think the most disturbing part of this is that Linda Lingle said at one point that she wouldn’t veto the bill if it came to her desk. Just the fact that she is entertaining anti-gay activists (who will not be effected by the law in any way), makes it seem as if she would consider vetoing it.

    Overall, I do have high hopes that the Aloha State will gain equality.

  • Paschal

    @Seantc120: Equality and fairness for gay Hawai’i couples will only exist when marriage equality is legalised there and DOMA is repealed. The federal government gives about 1,200 rights to straight married couples but not gay married couples.

  • Seantc120

    @Paschal: My apologies, I spoke out of term. I meant that I had hope that Hawai`i will get civil unions. So yes, equality is in the distance for us as a nation, but still obtainable. :-)

  • Cam

    No. 17 · Seantc120
    @michiko: @Lamar: @TommyOC: These three commenters are the only few here that really have any thing relevant to say about this. Whether or not Ryan is gay, or even handsome for that matter, has nothing to do with what’s going on here.

    Whether or not he is gay absolutly has something to do with what is going on here. It is becoming obvious that the majority of these anti-gay crusaders are themselves closet cases. That has a massive amount to do with the support the anti-gay groups get. Already in the case in the courts against CA’s prop 8 the side supporting prop 8 is scrambling to hide and to explain away any testimony given by George Rekers. His outing pulled the rug out from under a portion of their case. Same with this kid. homophobia has turned him into the little bigot you see standing before you. But then again, you were much more eager to have your little say than you were about actually contributing to the discussion weren’t you?

  • Seantc120

    @Cam: I don’t think that being condescending to each other is a way to get our opinions across.

    I do see what you’re saying. (And I didn’t see your post until after mine was up). But do you see that how you explained it makes much more sense than just saying snide comments about him?

    Besides, I still think that the main point of this article was missed. It has to do with Lingle rather then the sexuality of one of the opponents.

    I do agree that such forceful and hateful homophobia comes from closet cases, like you said. Or at least from lack of interaction with us gays. After all people fear what they don’t understand.

  • edgyguy1426

    @michiko: I don’t think Aaron understands sarcasm

  • ewe

    People who hate like this need to be filmed speaking in front of openly gay black white and asian men and women so everyone can really see the hypocrisy and open hate that is truly not acceptable for any of us.

  • ewe

    Let’s attack this nonsense about freedom, land of opportunity and melting pot propaganda. These fools are mainly bible thumping jackasses. We must drive them all back into their temples and out of the public square.

  • Hilarious

    Funny how when it’s a young white guy who hates us he’s hot, when it’s a young black guy who hates us he’s a [insert racial slur here].

    I can’t roll my eyes hard enough at this bullshit.

    Can you at least manage to direct the same anger at white homophobes you direct at black homophobes? I mean at least then it wouldn’t be so hypocritical when you tell black gay men to stop being “black first, gay second”.


    First of all please remember when you cyberstroll down Queerty St. that it is in fact a Gay site. Expect snarky remarks towards the little hate monkey and his twisted little friends. Little shithead probably never had an original thought in his entire life. You can tell he was coached on his comments, all standard remarks word for word from a rightwing lunatic talking points memo.

    And to Quasimoto, the first commenter on the video: We are seeking same rights not special rights…………

  • Joe

    @Plays well with others…hee hee. Ya know, sometimes I come here just to read the snarky comments and see what my fellow gays can come up with. Makes for a nice morning news read on my end.

    As for the kid. I knew a guy JUST like him in college. Consumed with gays, homophobic, very Christian and dating a very pretty girl.

    Years later, and I mean like 8 years, he is now recovering from a very damaged life because he was going out the entire time, drinking himself to death and screwing every guy who had a pulse. Not only does their homophobia hurt others, but it hurts themselves.

    I hope that if this kid is gay, he will realize his misguided sooner rather than later and spare himself years of torment.

  • OnCloud9

    I would blow him.

  • Michael

    I don’t know who was more gay – the older Asian man or the twink.

  • cantstandthisbs

    That Ryan McDonald fellow probably has lesbian porn on his computer and is all for same sex marriage as long as two chicks are hot!

  • KB

    As a former resident of Maui – I can tell you the gay community is small and not very organized and rumors of Gov. Lingle being a Lesbian are always there. I don’t believe she has ever been married. Then there is the Mayor of Maui, Charmaine Tavares… once again, rumors she is lesbian. I would love to have each of these questioned and outed. Their track record for support of the gay and lesbian community is less than admirable.

  • j

    @Hilarious: Lols? Nobody made a comment like that at all. Except for the twink bein’ hot. Really where did that even come from, is there somethin’ goin’ on up your ass that we weren’t aware of that triggered that outburst? Perhaps if you removed your head for a second you could tell us about it.

  • Joetx

    I hope you’re being sarcastic, but if you really do believe some of these homophobes are “hotties,” you’re incorrigibly shallow.

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