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Look out, Disney! Right-wing media site touts “anti-woke” kids’ show about homeschooled chinchillas

Screenshot: The Daily Wire

Step aside, Mickey Mouse! There’s a new animated rodent in town and he wants your kids to grow up on the homophobic, hate-mongering rhetoric of the far right!

His name’s Chip Chilla, and he’s the eponymous star of the first original animated series from wannabe media empire, The Daily Wire.

Yes, the site co-founded by conservative troll Ben Shapiro is making a very pointed move into children’s programming. Chip Chilla—about a homeschooling family of chinchillas—is their flagship series, set to debut in 2023. And, unfortunately, it’s just the first of many “anti-woke” series greenlit by The Daily Wire, which just hired on a new VP of Animation Development And Production. It all feels a little insidious, if you ask us.

The Chip Chilla announcement came in late June, where the company’s co-CEO Jeremy Boreing droned on about the plan for kids’ content supposedly free of “divisive narratives” and “insidious ideologies.”

Unsurprisingly, this has everything to do with Disney. In the wake of the conservative outrage over one measly same-sex kiss in Lightyear, Boreing (what an apt name) proselytized about a content platform that parents can trust:

“You can’t put your kids in front of a classic piece of Disney content because you don’t know that the very next thing that plays won’t be that not-so-secret gay agenda that teaches your daughter that she’s a boy.”

Oh come on, dude. We’ve been through this before, but the continued assertion that merely acknowledging the existence of queer people is indoctrinating the youth is utter bullsh*t.  You want to talk about an agenda? Well, let’s hear more about what Boreing has to say…

“Why does it matter? It matters because kids go to school for 40 hours a week and then they engage in pop culture for 40 more hours every week. That means for 80 hours of a child’s week, you are turning them over to the left. And good parents might spend 15 minutes a day in meaningful conversation with their kids. A great parent might take their kid to church for one hour, or two hours, or three hours a week. The other 80, they’re watching Disney, they’re online, they’re in public schools.”

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Absurd hyperbole aside, it’s clear that the right is working overtime to paint public education as the enemy, that school is a place where your children are in danger of learning about the way in which the world actually works. Meanwhile, there are plenty of other reasons why parents are worried about sending their kids off to school, but conservatives don’t want to acknowledge that.

So of course we’re going to raise an eyebrow at the fact that The Daily Wire’s first animated series is about a homeschooled chinchilla. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with homeschooling, but this does fall in line with the right-wing talking point that public schools are—as washed up actor Kirk Cameron recently put it—”rotting out the minds and souls of America’s children.” Sure sounds like an agenda to us!

And while the first, brief teaser for Chip Chilla is rather dull, we can admit that it appears to be pretty competently animated, at the very least. But then again, anything’s going to look lively next to some of The Daily Wire‘s other original content output (Gina Carano’s wooden performance in Terror On The Prairie comes to mind).

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