A Deep Dive Into Donald Trump And Pam Bondi’s $25,000 Head-Scratching Relationship


Nothing suspicious to see here, folks!

Donald Trump just really, really, really likes Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, for reasons that are totally legitimate and have nothing to do with shady rich people making each other richer. Maybe he just appreciates all the things they have in common, such as their rampant homophobia? Or maybe he likes her hypocritical pandering after the Orlando shooting? Who knows?

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Whatever the reason, it was just discovered that in 2013 Trump gave $25,000 to support Bondi’s re-election just a few days after she announced that she’d be investigating his Trump “University” for fraud. After the donation, she suddenly wasn’t investigating him anymore. What an unbelievable coincidence! Especially after Trump has said in the past that he used to donate money to politicians all the time because “I was a businessman, and it was my obligation to get along with everybody.”

For what it’s worth, Bondi was one of the state’s top officials persecuting gay couples, attacking LGBTQ families on marriage and adoption. (Bondi herself is a serial seductress, marrying and divorcing a variety of men over the course of her life. But, naturally, she believes that she’s the one who ought to be defending marriage from us.)

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After the donation, Trump had to pay an additional $2,500 in fines because the donation to Bondi’s supporters was against the law. (Charities can’t make political donations like that.)

“I never spoke to her,” Trump insisted. Meanwhile, Bondi claims that she personally called Trump to ask him for the donation directly.

Yes, you certainly can trust these people.

And we still have 61 days until the election, folks.

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