Queer Art

PHOTOS: Illustrating Tumblr Users And Celebrating The Male Form

Digital Male Form” is a new Tumblr that celebrates the male body “in all the weird and wonderful ways it comes.” The project involves creating illustrations of naked and half naked men that recall those late-night selfies users have grown accustomed to seeing on our dashboard and Grindr.

The unique aspect of this project is crowd sourcing the subjects by putting out a call to followers and users to submit their own photos, which are turned into illustrations for the site. So far, a number of Tumblrs have volunteered to have their (mostly naked) bodies turned into colorful digital art.

Users may spot someone they recognize or be tempted to follow a few new people based on the (SFW) examples seen below.

All designs created by DigitalMaleForm. For more, visit the site. (Warning: NSFW)

[Photo: Thommp]