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PHOTOS: Parker Hurley Turns His Body Into A Human Canvas


Photographer Gabriel Gastelum loves covering his models in paint. We saw what happened when Colby Melvin got ahold of some neon colors and turned his sculpted body into a delicious human canvas. Now, Parker Hurley is along for the ride as the model transforms his body into a piece of art. Hurley wowed us when he watched Saturday morning cartoons in his undies but this time he stuns as a beautiful painted sculpture.

On his blog, Gastelum explains how the shoot came together:

The thing about my paint shoots is that lack no real direction. I let the person take it to the direction they want to go. Everyone has different eyes, ideas and visions. [I’ve worked with Parker before]. I had him in superhero undies, jumping around playing video games and reading comic books. If you saw that shoot, you would see that his apartment is filled with incredible artwork. HIS artwork actually. So I was really excited to see where he would take this paint shoot. The artist in him was excited.

Hurley took full control of this shoot, not just covering his body in paint but painting a self-portrait as well. Gastelum tells us he knows what inspired Hurley’s artistic direction, but like a good gay, he’s not telling. Check out exclusive photos from the shoot to see if you can figure it out.

Additional photos from the shoot can be found at GDXBlog.com.

[Photos: Gabriel Gastelum]