Scrum And Get It

LOOK: Rugby Stud Stuart Reardon Lets It All Hang Out For Gay Times


Stuart Reardon, a professional rugby player and the face of The Navy Diver underwear, covers the latest issue of Gay Times. The magazine, which always snags the hottest athletes for its covers, thinks Reardon is exactly the type of guy that will make you want to “scrum and get it.” And hey, judging by the what’s poking through on the front page, they aren’t wrong. While the cover above is quite tasty, subscribers get a special treat seen below.


Now, this is type of mail I prefer:


[Photos: Gay Times]

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  • Katbox


  • tardis

    He’s got a nice body.

  • Dev.C

    He’s really hot, but can Gay Times feature men who are actually Gay?

  • Alan down in Florida

    I’ll second Dev. C’s comment.

  • Victor_in_PA

    @Dev.C: Apparently, there aren’t enough attractive gay men around. But, on the other hand, I don’t have a problem with hot, straight allies baring it all, well, mostly all, for us. I’m not personally into straight guys but then, it’s probably a safe bet I’ll never have to worry about being put in that awkward position with him anyway. I certainly wouldn’t kick him outta bed for eating crackers though.

  • Horse Lips

    That ass. That beautiful ass.

  • devinjgray

    Those of you who can’t understand why a hot straight male athletic star is on the cover of a gay magazine, use your noggin. Here are a few of the message:
    1. I’m not gay, but I support the rights of those who are
    2. I’m comfortable in my sexuality. Men may look at me and desire me if they wish
    3. I appeal to a wide audience. There are people who will root for our team just because they think I’m hot, so my next contract negotiation is going to cost you
    4. The magazine will certainly sell lots of copies with this cutie on the cover
    5. It’s time for star athletes who are gay to be allowed to come out without retribution.
    6. Allies can reach communities that the gay community cannot
    7. Every vocal straight ally has a cascading effect on the truth that “gay is OK”

  • 2eo

    Stuart Reardon. Rugby League player.

    Convicted of numerous counts of attacking women including his wife, noted homophobe and thug on the pitch. He’s also a [email protected]

  • Dixie Rect

    Just google image search this guy, there are better pictures than these out there…

  • devinjgray

    2eo, present your proof. Please limit your references to ANYTHING past 2009-early 2010. We ALL make mistakes, and as far as I can tell, Stuart Reardon has payed great price and penance for his. Or perhaps you’d like to “cast the first stone” as it were…

  • Tom_D

    No doubt that he is hot. However, I’m not sure that he is really the kind of person we want fighting our corner given that he was convicted for assaulting his ex-wife. Surely we are not so desperate for allies that we now need to recruit wife-beaters?

  • devinjgray

    Surely we are open-minded enough to realize that people change; the vast majoirty of them deserve a second chance. Did anyone here actually read the police report about what he did? I did.

  • 2eo


    Why after 2009?, are you saying before 2009 it was okay to beat your spouse repeatedly?

    Lets not forget he also left Crusaders after they signed Gareth Thomas.

    You’re playing a dangerous game picking a debate on Rugby League with me, Season pass holder at a club for 24 years, and played the game for 16 years.

  • devinjgray

    No, it was never OK to beat your wife, and it never will be. Having said that, and since you are such a knowledgeable source, what I see is one incident, just after a separation, where he grabbed her arm and caused 3 bruises. I’m missing the part about serial beatings, homophobia, and racism. Can you help me? Also, the judge thought a suspended sentence was appropriate punishment for this crime. I know of no other run-ins with law enforcement since. Did the judge get it wrong? Is the proper punishment for this incident a lifetime as a pariah?

  • jckfmsincty

    I’m no fan of the tattoo. But, this dude gets a pass.

  • balehead

    Wow…all the Loser hate on here…get help already…..

  • MikeE

    @balehead: Just remember that the next time you spew all of YOUR loser hate on people here.

  • Kathukid


  • Dev.C

    That’s cute that most of you enjoying Fawning over straight boys, but it doesn’t change that there is a underwhelming amount of support of gay men in media even in the guise of gay focus entertainment. It’s silly to me that we would rather watch heterosexual men put on the pretenses of a gay identity, when there are numerous gay men who are Athletes, Actors, Dancers, Artist, Activist, Doctors, Writers, Models etc. We have no appreciation for gay society as a whole, but love to buy into to wishful thinking and delusions of grandeur.

  • Dev.C

    Also, because Stuart Reardon is Straight, makes him a Non- MotherF**king Factor, in my eyes.
    As for DNA, Gay Times and occasionally The Advocate I’m over you all.

  • B Damion

    @ jckfmsincty ..Co-signing.

  • Niall

    Meh, not my kinda guy facially, but that ass makes up for it.

  • Charles175

    Something I rarely do give but in my book, he scores a full 10.

  • Fitz

    HE is incredibly hot.
    Do I feel like I know him? nope.
    Do I think that a DV conviction is a mark for life? Nope.
    DO I think we have too many straight allies? Nope

    Did I enjoy looking at his picture? Pass the kleenex.

  • Dixie Rect

    I’d rather see this guy’s naked ass than read about that awful delusional ‘raising my rainbow’ money grubbing HO!

  • davidjohng

    That voluptuous ass pic does it for me. I think I’m in love.

  • mz.sam

    Eradicate this sexy thug with a criminal rap sheet from all gay publishing media NOW!

  • judysdad

    The truth of the matter is that there really aren’t that many hot, masculine looking gay men out there. Sad, but true.

  • Peter McKinney

    I didn’t see it all. What a gyp.

  • Christofer Sands

    Holy crap…he is stunningly beautiful!

  • Jennifer Dunn

    That is a gay porn name if ever I heard one.

  • Craig Shapiro

    Rugby, Rugburn, ya see where I’m going with this.

  • Ricco Galmore

    Wow! Yes to all of this! Lol

  • Nick Marriott

    Oh……my……..fucking …….God!…….all this beauty and Foreskin too…….I’m gonna die!

  • Mike Cassels

    That is a great Tattoo! Shows a certain dedication to his choice of artwork.

  • Jim McHardy

    He is gorgeous and hot

  • avesraggiana

    Unlike many American Big League ball players – football, baseball, basketball – and American gym rats, he actually has a great set of well-developed legs. I’ve noticed that many rugby and Aussie Rules players do.

  • pscheck2

    Am not totally convinced that he is str8 and an ally of the gay community. Homoerotic poses (like his) are for male consumption: tantilizing! It puzzles me that so many of you ‘posters’ cry ‘foul!’ if anyone (such as myself) suggest that he might be gay or is gay. Why? It seems you equate being gay to having some vile disease! Be proud of your ‘calling’ and enjoy the speculation that a hunk like him is easing himself out of the ‘closet’ and will come out like Gareth Thomas did, proud

  • tghost54

    I look at men like that and say if we had genetic engineering perfected I could look like that.
    Unbelievably perfect! Except for the trashtooes on his perfect body.

  • Arconcyyon

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