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PHOTOS: The “America’s Next Top Model” Men Get Their Makeovers


As if America’s Next Top Model wasn’t gay enough this season with the addition of men (some of whom are gay) posing like Tyra Banks, the show decided to up the ante. During the first photo shoot, which Queerty posted ahead of the premiere, the men were dressed like bikers and leather daddies. (Not that I was complaining.) In week three, the men get transformed again during the always-dramatic makeover episode, which is titled “The Guy Who Gets A Weave.” Not only does one man get some weave but all of them are stripped down to their naked form for an Adam & Eve them photo shoot.

The only question is: who got the better makeover? Check out all the looks below and let us know what you think.



Phil (the guy who gets a weave)



Jeremyjeremy-top-modChris H.


cory-top-modMike top-model-mike

And seriously, if you haven’t started watching the 20th cycle of ANTM, you really should. The guys are upping the drama and the eye candy this season. The ladies makeovers have also been revealed, for those who are interested. The new episode airs Friday, August 16th at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

[Photos: The CW]