LOOK: Tom Daley And Dustin Lance Black Caught Chatting Over Coffee In Hollywood

A starstruck Queerty reader snapped this photo of openly gay Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black and openly straight Olympic diver Tom Daley leaving The Coffee Bean in Hollywood last week.

Since Daley recently came into the closet as an avowed heterosexual — to a chorus of raised eyebrows no doubt recalling the gay-baiting he’s become famous for on his Twitter and Instagram accounts — we presume nothing.

But we do have a series of questions. Were they meeting to discuss a secret film project? Did Daley have a change of heart and sought coming out advice in anticipation of National Coming Out Day? Were they on a date — of the bromantic or romantic kind? Who knows? Our source says the two where chummy but did not appear to be canoodling.

Since Black gave his famous Academy Award speech, he has become a minor magnet for stars and starlets, including Taylor Lautner. We reached out to him for comment, but the boy who cried werewolf was mum on his freshly brewed rendezvous.