Mad Man

Look how well Trump’s comments about women match up to sexist vintage ads

If Donald Trump didn’t happen to be President of the United States, perhaps he could’ve tried his hand at advertising copywriting. In 1952.

A project by Syrian artist Saint Hoax, “Make America Misogynistic Again” handpicks some of Trump’s most memorably misogynistic statements about women and emblazons them on sexist old-school advertisements.

As you can see, they blend together astonishingly well.

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“I decided to match the visuals with sexist Trump quotes and show them to my friends without actually telling them where I got the quotes from,” he tells The Huffington Post.

“I told them that these were the actual advertisements that were published in the 1950s and ‘60s and they believed it. When I revealed the truth, they were in complete shock….”

The way women are represented in the media has shifted drastically since these advertisements were initially published.

Sadly, Donald Trump is trying to take America back to the ‘Mad Men’ era. I’m hoping that these posters would make people realize that Trump’s ‘locker room talk’ is extremely dangerous.”

Take a look at the artwork below: