Lookin’ Good, Feelin’ Great: Nicholas K

Only absolute monsters don’t like a good cardigan, the long-time winter wardrobe staple that’s been reinvigorated in recent years.

That said, we’re particularly taken with Nicholas K‘s recently unveiled take on the old classic. And we’re not the only ones. Writing for Refinery 29, Laura Schechter says:

Made of soft yet hearty 100% merino wool, this cardigan gives the impression of years of wear with plenty of warmth. But it’s the shape and shade that’s the real get for us. The weathered fawn tone resembles that of winter itself–a little gray-beige, a little snowy and stormy–and the cut offers the versatility of a sweater and a jacket. For both guys and girls, smart details like velvet trim and refined buttons bring the design out of the past but still keep it personal. The men’s Garrett version comes double-breasted with a definite military-style tailoring, and in both fawn and black, this sweater could substitute for a sports coat any day. Definitely not your granddad’s sweater.

But we’re sure gramps would approve.

For more information, head on over to Nicholas K’s website.