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  • Alex

    That picture looks nice.

  • Lefty

    Aww, that’s a sweet photo.

  • mattsy

    whats ghey???

  • Jeffree

    @Mattsy: your prolly ghey. im ghey, but some people is lesbian or bisexual.

    It’s one of those “was-sorta-cool-in 2007” trends of spelling “gay” wrong. Related Var.: “teh ghey” or “teh gay.”

    Example: “Sportscaster Dawnté Flannery-Ortiz isn’t ghey, and he says he isn’t afraid of catching teh gay from his brother-in-law Marvin Nakamura-Scarpelli.”

  • Enron

    Well, only a Gay guy would date a woman who looks like that. If its one thing about a straight guy, their eyes, brain and tool know a hot woman.

  • Drake

    Parents loved gay dates for high school daughters – the boys were always “perfect gentlemen” with not even any fingering.

  • Mike

    @Enron: Oh come now, I’m sure this lady was pretty for 1966 or whatever year this photo was taken.

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