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Looking Creator Andrew Haigh Thinks People Who Hate-Watch His Show Are Crazy

Looking_hBefore the show came out, people had already decided whether they hate it or love it. I understand it, there’s so little gay representation on screen so there’s a lot of pressure on it. But it’s a pressure that we can’t possibly live up to. They want it to be something that it’s not going to be. And I read things sometimes by some people and I’m like, ‘You are insane. We’ve never said that’s what this show is. Why do you think it’s that show?’ Some people love it and some people hate-watch it and tweet about how much they hate it while watching the episodes, which to me is the act of a crazy person. Why would you do that? Just turn it off. So I find it a very strange concept and it’s very hard for us who work on Looking because we’re all from like a low-key background. We’re not TV execs… there’s so many gay people on the show. The heads of the department are gay; most of the actors are gay. Nobody ever mentions that. Isn’t it fantastic that there’s actually a show about gay people with gay people? So it’s frustrating sometimes because we’re all really pleased with the show and the truth is that’s a niche show in an already niche community. It’s a niche within a niche.”


Andrew Haigh in an interview with IndieWire following the premiere of his latest film 45 Years