Looking For Beau Breedlove’s Manhood? Don’t Buy Unzipped


Sorry kids, but Sam Adam’s former lover Beau Breedlove isn’t revealing all in the upcoming issue of Unzipped.

The digital edition of the magazine was released a week ahead of the print release, which means the photo spread and interview can be yours RIGHT NOW! (Smart move, given the pictures will be all over the online forums very soon anyhow.)

Except you won’t be getting anything more than R-rated material, despite Breedlove’s affinity for looking at other guys’ junk. Reprints The Sword from Breedlove’s interview:

“I jacked off three times last night so I wouldn’t get too excited at the shoot,” Breedlove blurts out when I pick him up the following day. “My cock hurts so bad now.” It’s an interesting way to deal with nerves, but when I arrive at the studio and Beau meets the photographer and the stylist–gay men in the same age range as Mayor Adams–he is instantly at ease. The older men, long used to the terse, gay-for-pay types, instantly bond with Beau, who quotes Green Acres star Eva Gabor at the drop of a hat and names Doris Day as his favorite actress… Beau shows few signs of shyness–except when it comes to exposing his cock. He’s sensitive about being depicted too explicitly after Internet commentators accused him of being a whore and a gold digger.”

Unzipped, meanwhile, promises “you can see Beau’s bottom now!” Queue starts here.